Letter to the editor – Jerry Roberts

Dear Readers,

The Iowa Legislature is a broken institution. It is that way because we voters sent individuals as our representatives who were more concerned with politics than they were with people.

Every two years we have an opportunity to fix our problem, to return decency and tolerance to the legislature and focus on people once again.

This year we have an opportunity to send David Weaver as our representative to Des Moines with ideas that make sense. Who can argue with returning Iowa to a place of leadership in education; taking care of our most vulnerable citizens by improving Medicare services; protecting Iowa’s air, water, and soil; and supporting fair wages and worker protections?

Iowans have always risen to the challenge. We help our neighbors. We send help to other states in distress. The area we have overlooked is ourselves, our children, and grandchildren. It is time to fix the problems the past legislature has caused. Let’s send help to the Iowa House of Representatives. Let’s send David Weaver.

David Weaver is one of us. He comes from a family dedicated to service. He’s a farmer, Central College graduate, former teacher and librarian, husband and father. He knows our problems and concerns because he listens. I repeat, he listens!

I urge you to vote for David Weaver, Democratic candidate, House District #47, as your representative to the Iowa Legislature.

Respectfully, Jerry Roberts, Jefferson

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