Letter to the editor – Allan Sieck

In support of David Weaver

To the editor:
I am writing in support of the election of David Weaver as our representative in the 47th district of the Iowa House of Representatives.

David’s views reflect a broad and even cross section of Greene and Boone counties. As a farmer and candidate who was born and raised in the heart of his district his education and experience combine to give him a solid understanding of what is important to those he will represent.

He recognizes that the Republican leadership in the Iowa legislature has reduced support for those things that have always made Iowa great, leaving us with with a government that values big business over education and access to quality healthcare; a government that advocates for low wages, forcing hard working citizens to sacrifice family in favor of second jobs.

The Republican legislative agenda has brought us policies and priorities that seek to divide us by fear and misunderstanding. And they have created a one hundred million dollar budget shortfall in the process. This is not what Iowa needs!

Iowa needs legislators who value adequately funded public education. Iowa needs jobs available across our state that pay a living wage. Iowa needs readily available quality healthcare. Iowa needs a legislature body willing to reach out to eliminate fear and promote cooperation and compromise. Iowa needs fiscal responsibility that is open and transparent.

Iowa needs David Weaver representing district 47 in the Iowa House.

Allan Sieck, Rippey, IA

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