Letter to the editor – Sandra Miner

To the editor,

I find that many folks read the Greene County board of supervisor minutes.

I would like to set the record straight as many folks approach me and my family about my employment with Greene County. The information that they are reading is regarding a volunteer job. I go to Carroll to attend these meetings and there is no compensation from Greene County.

I was employed by Greene County since 1971 along with being employed by the State of Iowa. I retired from the State of Iowa in December of 2007. Mid-year 2008 I returned to the county doing general assistance.

June of 2016, John Muir and Dawn Rudolph came to my office to tell me my job was done, no reason given. This was the first time Dawn Rudolph had ever been in my office. The only reason given was that they were eliminating the position which could not be per the Code of Iowa.

They gave the position to Tracy Perez.

So no, I am not employed by Greene County.

Sandra Miner, Jefferson

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