Dozens of flags need replacement due to wind damage

The Jefferson Elks and Does have carefully gone through the flags that were hanging during the high winds following Memorial Day. Shirletta Orchard is repairing flags from the municipal cemetery, and Shelly Berger did the repairs on flags from St Joseph Cemetery.
Unfortunately, there are 56 flags that are need of replacement.

The flags that must be replaced are in honor of the following deceased veterans: Robert Brooker, James A. Cofer, Ross Cofer, Clarence Dominich, Gerald Grove, Paul Hostettler, Thomas L. Langford, Maurice, O’Brien, James E. Ottrim, Emmett W. Schoppe, Edward H. Kingsley, Harold Cadd Sr, Ernie B. Buech, Ralph Winkleman, Sigfried Swanson, Thedore W. Kunecke, B.J. Hall, Harold C. Hutchinson, Frank McCarville, Louis Tronchetti, William Pooley, Elmer E. Lane, Alfred Denhardt, Raymond R. Curry, J.D. Capps, Clifford Rice, Walter Noel, Floyd W. Brown, Stewart Peacock and William D. Manor.

Also Folmer R. Faaborg, Chester A. Lampman, Phillip C. Rather, Paul B. Culter, Donald R. Duke, Lee H. Schultz, Thomas D. Watters, Don G. Culver, William Daubendiek, Howard E. Elliott, Jack M. Langford, Charles A. Leeka, Walters S. Albrecht, Delmar Denhardt, Dale Cairns Sr, Frederick F. Conery, Richard L. Davis, Mahlon L. Galvin, Rodney J. Nearhoof, Keith R. Richardson, Robert O. Harris, Dr. John R. Jaquis, Charles M. Schoppe, Jerald J. Russell, Doyle E. Haley, Gene C. McCoy, Vincent J. Phillips, and Richard D. Finn.

At this time there are funds available in the cemetery budget to replace the flags, but it will not take long to deplete the funds, Jefferson park and recreation director Vicky Lautner said.

Persons who would like to make a donation to the Avenue of Flags or sponsor a flag to replace one of the damaged flags can call Vicky Lautner at 515-386-3412 for more information. Money can be donated in memory of a loved one for the Avenue of Flags. The cost for a replacement flag is $45.

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