Greene County class of 2018 honored at Awards Night

At the annual Greene County High School Awards night Tuesday, May 15, 72 members of the class of 2018 received honor cords, scholarships and other recognitions. The awards totaled $710,000, with $206,000 of that being locally funded.

The evening began with the presentation of gold cords to students who earned a 3.0 grade point average or higher. Gold cord recipients were Lucas Ausberger, Emily Bettey, Kara Betts, Hunter Beyerink, Gwen Black, Ben Bravard, Lauren Carlson, Alex Cerveny, Rachael Danielson, Onica Delp, Alex Duff, Megan Durbin, Austin Easterie, Baylee Eider, Sarah Erickson, Chantel Flack, Cayden Gerdes, Connor Gibson, Brayden Habben, Michael Hack, Haley Hall, Samantha Hardaway, Brittany Harmeyer, Bryanna Hinote, Nicholas Hoffman, Ashley Hunter, Victoria Johnson and Zoe Joy.

Also Nathan Kennedy, Lauryn Kohl, Regan Lamoureux, Emma Larson, Logan Lawson, Laurin Lyons, Jared Marshall, Kaitlyn McColley, Ashley Millard, Dale Morlan, Curtis Muir, Emma Olson, Jordan Patterson, Manuel Perez-Nunez, Kyle Peters, Kolin Reed, Andrea Salvin, Sydney Schiltz, Releigh St Clair, Reid Stratton, Garrett Swain, Brayden Wilkens, Ben Wilkins, Kyle Wright and Theda Zills.

Students were honored for performing and documenting community service during their high school years. Students earning recognition performed 200 hours of community service, with a minimum of 45 hours each year. Receiving green cords for volunteerism were Emily Better and Haley Hall.

Haley Hall had been previously honored as a Governor’s Scholar. She was introduced and accepted applause.

The Iowa Bar Association/Greene County Bar Association presented citizenship awards to Haley Hall and Jared Marshall.

Travis Gierstorf was recognized as a Boys State participant. Haley Hall was recognized as a Girls State participant. Hall also received the DAR Award and the Voice of Democracy award.

The Heart of Iowa Activities Conference presented certificates to student athletes who met a minimum grade point average. Honored were Emily Bettey, Kara Betts, Megan Durbin, Haley Hall, Samantha Hardaway, Jordan Patterson, Kyle peters and Ben Wilkins.

Megan Durbin and Wade Adcock received the female and male Ram of the Year awards, respectively. Jordan Patterson received the Bernie Saggau Award.

Halycon Ruth Dixon scholarships were awarded for the third year. The $2,000 scholarships are funded by a $600,000 bequest to the Greene County Community Schools. The scholarships are awarded to a maximum of 15 students per year, with preference being given to students not receiving other scholarship.

Recipients of Dixon scholarships for 2018 are Caytlyn Adamson, Baylee Eider, Jade Guzman, Michael Hack, Haley Hall, Samantha Hardaway, Brittany Harmeyer, Bryanna Hinote, Ashley Hunter, Victoria Johnson, Lauren Kohl, Laurin Lyons, Jordan Patterson, Releigh St Clair and Theda Zills.

Students honored by LifeServe Blood Center as blood donors were Connor Gibson, Travis Gierstorf, Brandy Kirk, Sydney Schiltz, Garrett Swain, Caden Wilson and Theda Zills.

Scholarships were presented as follows:
• AKSARBEN Foundation – Ben Bravard
• Beaty Scholarship – Hunter Beyerink
• Ben Carman Memorial Scholarship – Kane Borgeson
• Beta Tau Delta scholarship – Chantel Flack, Jade Guzman, Jordan Patterson
• Betty Jo Callaway Memorial Scholarship – Emily Bettey, Kara Betts, Gwen Black, Ben Bravard, Rachael Danielson, Onica Delp, Megan Durbin, Regan Lamoureux, Ashley Millard, Kyle Peters
• Bob Carman Patriot Scholarship – Haley Hall
• Buena Vista University Arch Scholarship – Andrea Salvin
• Central College scholarships – Theda Zills, Bridge, Cornerstone, Gaass and Journey; Ashley Millard, creative writing, Journey, presidential; Rachael Danielson, Journey, presidential, trustee, community service award; Ashley Millard, Journey, presidential, trustee; Dale Morlan, Journey, presidential
• Christina Hixson Scholarship – Megan Durbin
• Coe College – Impact Honor and Kohawk Award, trustee scholarship, Garrett Swain
• Des Moines Area Community College Foundation – Zoe Joy
• Earl Wilson scholarship – Emily Bettey, Kara Betts, Regan Lamoureux, Jared Marshall
• East Greene athletic scholarship – Laurin Lyons
• Ernest Prehm scholarship – Haley Hall, Victoria Johnson
• F. William Beckwith Scholarship – Emily Bettey, Jared Marshall
• Fern Olive scholarship – Caytlyn Adamson, Emily Bettey, Paige Citurs, Jacie Hawthorne, Jackie Hawthorne, Victoria Johnson, Brandy Kirk, Theda Zills
• Floyd W. Brown American Legion scholarship – Reid Stratton
• Frank Linduska Memorial Scholarship – Alex Duff
• Fred Blackmer Agricultural Scholarship – Gwen Black
• Gose Farms scholarship – Gwen Black
• Gospel Open Bible Church scholarship – Alex Cerveny, Emma Olson, Abbie Sparks
• Grand Junction fire and rescue scholarship – Curtis Muir
• Grand Junction Lions Club scholarship – Hunter Beyerink, Thomas Gannon
• Grand Junction Masonic lodge scholarship – Ashley Millard
• Grand View University director’s award – Releigh St Clair
• Greene County 4-H Foundation – Onica Delp, Samantha Hardaway
• Greene County Activities Club scholarship – Samantha Hardaway, Jared Marshall
• Greene County Cattlemen scholarship – Kara Betts, Kane Borgeson, Ben Bravard, Charles Gunn, Curtis Muir, Releigh St Clair, Joe Towers
• Greene County Education Association scholarship – Lucas Ausberger, Lauren Carlson, Laurin Lyons, Ben Wilkins
• Greene County Farm Bureau – Kane Borgeson, Ben Bravard
• Greene County Medical Center Auxiliary – Lauren Carlson, Onica Delp, Brandy Kirk, Sydney Schiltz
• Greene County Medical Center Foundation scholarship – Lauren Carlson, Onica Delp, Sydney Schiltz
• Greene County Pork Producers scholarship – Ben Bravard, Thomas Gannon, Charles Gunn
• Greene County Schools Foundation– Gwen Black, Lauren Carlson, Baylee Eider, Chantel Flack, Britton Gallagher, Brittany Harmeyer, Victoria Johnson, Lauryn Kohl, Dale Morlan, Jordan Patterson, Kolin Reed, Andea Salvin, Sydney Schiltz, Releigh St Clair, Ben Wilkins
• Greene County Schools Foundation, anonymous – Hunter Beyerink, Jordan Patterson
• Greene County Community Schools, Heath Jackson – Baylee Eider, Andrea Salvin
• Greene County Soil & Water scholarship – Ben Bravard
• Greene County SWCD Conservation Club scholarship – Ben Bravard
• Hazel Brown Zachar PEO scholarship – Haley Hall, Samantha Hardaway, Regan Lamoureux
• Historic Cooper school district scholarship – Nicholas Hoffman, Regan Lamoureux
• Home State Bank scholarship – Kara Betts, Jordan Patterson
• Iowa Central Community College scholarships – academic room scholarship and Iowa Central Foundation academic scholarship, Lauren Carlson, Connor Gibson, Michael Hack, Samantha Hardaway, Ashley Hunter, Emma Olson, Manuel Perez-Nunez, Sydney Schiltz; education scholarship, Samantha Hardaway; birthday merit scholarship, Charles Gunn, Brandy Kirk, Monica Smith; student merit scholarship, Connor Gibson, Charles Gunn, Ashley Hunter, Brandy Kirk, Emma Olson, Sydney Schiltz; Stuff the Stands scholarship, Lauren Carlson; William G. Smith Scholarship, Samantha Hardaway
• Iowa State University – academic scholarship, Chantel Flack; academic recognition award and Cardinal Leadership scholarship, Kara Betts; track & field scholarship, Megan Durbin
• Indian Hills Community College Earnest Schwartz Memorial Scholarship – Travis Gierstorf
• Jack Finneseth Memorial Scholarship – Megan Durbin
• Jefferson BPO Does scholarship – Michael Hack, Laurin Lyons
• Jefferson Lions Club scholarship – Onica Delp, Michael Hack, Jackie Hawthorne
• Jefferson Rotary Club scholarship – Chantel Flack, Haley Hall, Regan Lamoureux, Ashley Millard
• Jefferson Telecom scholarship – Charles Gunn, Samantha Hardaway, Sydney Schiltz, Kara Betts, Victoria Johnson
• Karen Younie Memorial Scholarship – Kara Betts, Samantha Hardaway
• Kathy Hankel Memorial Scholarship – Sarah Erickon
• Kevin Wills Memorial Scholarship – Laurin Lyons
• LLC Charitable Scholarship – Kara Betts
• Logan Scheuermann Memorial Scholarship – Gwen Black, Thomas Gannon
• Luther College – Heartland Award and president’s scholarship, Victoria Johnson
• Marie K. Harmon Scholarship – Emily Bettey, Megan Durbin
• Marshalltown Community College – Future Leader, Laurin Lyons
• Mary Washburn Memorial Scholarship – Emily Bettey, Kara Betts
• Missouri Western State University – Dean’s scholarship, Theda Zills
• Morning Star Masonic Lodge scholarship – Caytlyn Adamson, Paige Citurs, Baylee Eider, Jade Guzman, Neysa Halverson, Brandy Kirk, Releigh St Clair, Theda Zills
• Morse-Kennedy Memorial Scholarship – Ashley Millard
• Pat Fields Memorial Scholarship – Kara Betts, Ben Bravard, Samantha Hardaway, Lauryn Kohl, Jared Marshall, Curtis Muir, Kyle Peters, Joe Towers
• Peoples Trust & Savings Bank scholarship – Emily Bettey, Thomas Gannon, Charles Gunn, Lauren Kohl, Curtis Muir
• R.H. Maloney scholarship – Michael Hack
• Roger Nailor Memorial Scholarship – Alex Duff
• Sharon Towers Memorial Scholarship – Jade Guzman
• Student council scholarship – Megan Durbin, Chantel Flack, Haley Hall, Sydney Schiltz
• Tony Andrusyk scholarship – Cayden Gerdes
• University of Alabama- UA scholar, Haley Hall
• University of Iowa – Old Gold scholarship, Lucas Ausberger
• UNI scholarship – CBA scholar, UNI distinguished scholar, Jared Marshall
• University of Iowa scholarship – Kenna Marquardt, Hawkeye Achievement Award
• Viola Vorhies Nia scholarship – Alex Duff
• Warren Raney Memorial Scholarship – Kyle Peters

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