RAGBRAI hosts needed

With somewhere near 30,000 RAGBRAI®-affiliated visitors expected to spend the night in Jefferson on July 23, the Jefferson RAGBRAI committee is looking for hosts for riders.

Residents  willing to host riders will have help from the RAGBRAI housing committee in finding a group that would be the best fit possible. Riders provide information about who they are, their ages, the type of group they are, and the sort of hosts they’re hoping for. Potential hosts provide information about themselves, who they’d like to host, and what they can offer, and the housing committee helps match riders and hosts.

Hosts are only expected to provide a place for riders to rest their heads for the night. This space can be provided either inside or outside of the home. Local hosts are not required to entertain guests, feed them, transport them, or provide any extra amenities.

RAGBRAI riders utilizing local housing would have the option to place a portable restroom on the property, which would be obtained at the expense of the riders who are staying on the property, not property owners. The housing committee helps find placement only for registered riders who will be covered by RAGBRAI liability insurance.

Housing forms for potential local hosts are available at www.JeffersonRAGBRAI.com Persons who want more information can email housing [at] JeffersonRAGBRAI [dot] com
What a RAGBRAI rider expects from a host:
A place to put a tent outside, or inside floor space for a sleeping bag.
Access, if possible, to a bathroom and shower.
Possibly somewhere to fill a water bottle.

What a RAGBRAI rider does not expect:
Full use of your home
To be fed or entertained
Towels, soap, or shampoo

What Hosts of RAGBRAI riders can expect:
Well-behaved, appreciate guests
Guests who respect your wishes
The riders to arrive mid to early afternoon on Monday, July 23, and be gone usually by 9 am the next day.
Someone who will remember your kindness.
To meet some fascinating people from places potentially all over the country or world.

What is completely up to you:
How many guests and who (you get to work with our housing committee to select your guests)
Restroom facilities
Laundry facilities
Whether you want to offer coffee, snacks, a beverage, or anything for that matter.

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