Skeptics are doing real science

I recently visited the opinion page of GreeneCountyNewsOnline searching for the letter on cats in Jefferson. When I saw Colleen O’Brien’s article “Refuting the Falsehoods”, I clicked on it and started reading. Of course it had an interesting opening paragraph – Colleen is a talented writer and I appreciate her writing even though I’m not exactly a tree hugger.

When Paragraph Two classified her pharmacist as a scientist, I started becoming skeptical. I don’t believe my pharmacist is any more of a scientist than I am after teaching science five periods a day, 180 days per year for 38 years. Yes, we both took science classes but neither of us uses “science as a process rather than a collection of decreed truths” (Judith Curry)

Next I read about the “real science” website and wasn’t extremely alarmed at what she said she found there – there are a number of credentialed scientists who question the “adjustments” made to data by several government agencies. There are also a number of acclaimed scientists who worked for these agencies who are also ANTHROPOGENIC global warming skeptics. Many of them have spoken out after their retirement from government or academic positions. (More on this later.)

I finished reading about her pursuit of two talk show hosts who agree with her for validation which yielded no responses. Then finished with the closing statements of her ownership of the “truth” and quest to combat anyone who questions her beliefs. Perhaps advice from Albert Einstein would be helpful – ” Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

Back to Skeptics of ANTHROPOGENIC Global Warming speaking out after retirement. Retirement is a most liberating condition! One is no longer controlled by fear of their livelihood being stripped from them and their reputation destroyed. Events of recent days certainly justify this fear – just ask Dr Ronny Johnson or Kanye West.

Many of the scientists who are “coming out” questioning some of the basic assumptions of AGW are well credentialed scientists who have received awards for outstanding achievements. Once they have left “the thought plantations” their expertise and integrity is suddenly called into question. This will become obvious when you search for names like Judith Curry or Roy Spencer. Don’t be intimidated by the repeated listings defaming them – just keep scrolling til you get to the articles they have produced.

Watts Up With That and Climate Depot (repeat: go to the real website located below all the defamation articles that repeatedly appear on your search) have many thought provoking articles – you don’t have to totally accept the researchers’ conclusions just be aware that there is research being done that raises questions about the “97 percent consensus.” (While you’re browsing around the web, read the article “The Con in Consensus”.) Join Galileo and Alfred Wegener and other skeptics in the 3 percent who are not Flat Earthers.

Never did find that “stuff” on the Real Science site but I’m not the best at using search engines.

Joan Conroy, Jefferson

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