Letter to the editor – Will and Kati (Lawton) Nailor

To the editor,

Through our families in Greene County and online social media, Will and I have been staying up-to-date on the exciting opportunities surrounding the upcoming bond referendum back “home.”

We have technically resided in Warren County for 15 years and have made a wonderful life here but we will always refer to Greene County as our home. Both of us were born and raised in different parts of the county and our family roots are there. We make frequent trips to Jefferson to visit our parents grandparents, and seven nieces and nephews who mean the world to us.

Those seven little people alone are reason enough for us to take an interest in the vote all the way from Warren County.

But our purpose for writing this letter goes even beyond that. We are writing on behalf of Will’s father, the late Roger Nailor. Roger passed away 10 years ago and while hi is no longer with us, his voice and passion for Greene County will forever be. We feel strongly that it is our duty to carry on his mission, one of which was the betterment of schools and education.

Roger served on the school board for many years and was involved in numerous bond referendums. Without a doubt, he would have been leading the way on this campaign. Our Kids, Our Future. We think he would 100 percent approve of this slogan. It was a topic he talked about often. He was forward thinking, open-minded, and invested in people, especially kids.

At the top of Roger’s list would have been the proposed Career Academy. Giving young people in this area the opportunity to receive affordable training in a state-of-the-art facility, a grassroots idea that started with a young alum of the district… we can see see Roger’s smile from here. It’s a wonderful story, not let’s make it a reality.

Thank you for allowing us to use our voices to both show our support for the upcoming vote and honor a many who we wish so deeply was here to cast his “yes” vote. Our Kids, Our Future – Greene County.

Respectfully, Will and Kati (Lawton) Nailor

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