Letter to the editor – Tyler and Jill Hankel

Hello, great people of Greene County.

Our names are Jill and Tyler Hankel and we moved to Jefferson about one year ago. Tyler grew up in Jefferson and his mom, the late Kathy Hankel, owned and operated Catchlight Photography in Jefferson, taking many of your pictures and your children’s pictures through the years.

When we heard about the new school bond and career academy possibility we were very excited but wanted to know more. We have submersed ourselves into the informational material out there and listened to those passionate about the subject for and against.

As with all decisions we decided to sit down and consider what opportunities this bond could bring Greene County:

!. As an advocate for those with disabilities, the number one opportunity that we see is the chance to teach our children inclusion rather than exclusion. All children should be given the right environment to be involved and a part of their education next to their peers. We have the opportunity to fix that for these kids in Greene County which also helps us teach our children not to fear those different than us but how to be their friend. An opportunity to learn and understand each other as peers is extremely important.

2. Safety- An opportunity to keep our children safer. There is no parent who wants to be scared for their children when they drop them off and no teacher who should need to fear for safety while working hard to provide a good education to our children.

3. Increase in education opportunity for careers with the academy is a phenomenal step in the right direction when trade careers are desperate for workers. Greene County has the opportunity to meet that demand.. How exciting!

We love that as these plans come together and people and businesses come to the county that our property values will increase, which is beneficial for everyone.

We were not here for the last few bonds and we understand that there have been a lot of heated discussions and we see this as a great opportunity for us to teach the kids of Greene County that we can put those differences aside and focus on the now. Their future is more important than our past.

I would not be a good daughter-in-law if I did not point out the opportunity to add a new, larger arts center. Kathy had a great love of the arts and we have been amazed at Greene County’s talents and the ability to continue to showcase that is fantastic.

Our family has enjoyed coming into this community. We’ve enjoyed getting to know the kids, being involved in the community, discovering all the great places from RVP to Angie’s Tea Garden and so many more. Our daughter had to have surgery at the hospital and the surgeon, hospital and physical therapists have been absolutely amazing. We could not be more grateful for our experience and we hope others will soon come here and feel the same way. We hope you will join us in voting yes on April 3rd for the Kids and Future of Greene County.

Tyler & Jill Hankel, Jefferson

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