Letter to the editor – Tanner Lawton

To the Editor:

As the bond vote gets closer and closer, I wanted to show my appreciation to everyone involved in such an exciting bond proposal. After being part of the previous bond, my family and I know how much time goes into getting information out and working towards an end goal. A lot of times people are busy learning and making decisions and we all forget to use two simple words that mean so much. Thank you!

Thank you to Chris Deal and Sid Jones for an innovative idea that brings so much hope and excitement to a county. We need to continue building on all of the positives that have been accomplished. I feel Chris’s idea embodies what everyone wants for their children. A better education than they had and a way to help our kids thrive and prosper through new opportunities in Greene County.

Thank you to the committee for stepping up and being willing to help the constituents better understand the new bond proposal. Thank you to Grow Greene County and the board of supervisors for supporting new ways to grow our county, our performing arts, athletics, and higher education. Thank you to the school board and administration for thinking outside the box on ways to better educate our children. Thank you to the community for asking thoughtful questions.

In the end, this is a decision that every constituent will need to make on their own, equipped with information provided and their own personal opinion and values. This bond will affect each and every one of us differently, but ultimately it will affect one group the most – our children. They stand to gain the most from this bond vote. Modern buildings for better learning, secured entrances for their protection, handicap accessibility for students (like my son and countless others), and most of all the ability to prosper in Greene County. I moved back to Greene County because it is home and a great place to raise children. With a “yes” vote, we can continue to provide a great education in Greene County to our kids long into the future.

Tanner Lawton, Jefferson

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