Letter to the editor – Abby and Alex McConnell

To the Editor:

Jefferson is where we grew up. We went to school here, were involved in the community, played sports, had our first jobs here and our families were here as well. We remember growing up in this town with not much to do and being ready to leave it when graduation rolled around. Shortly after college, though, we found out how nice a small town was. People know you, wave and say hi, and are very willing to help you in any situation.

Alex and I lived in Waukee for about a year and a half after graduating college. While Waukee was a great area, it wasn’t where our family was. We found that we were making many trips back during the week and most weekends to spend time with them. We finally realized we were spending as much time in Jefferson as we were in Waukee, and we decided to make the move back to our hometown.

We were recent college graduates with jobs in Ames and Des Moines, and we were commuting to our jobs because living in a community like Greene County, near our families, was more important than living where we worked. To our benefit, we both shortly found jobs in Jefferson months after moving back.

Unfortunately, not everyone has that opportunity or has family that lives here. However, as we talk to many friends and classmates, they are also looking for the small town community culture they grew up with. They are not just looking for that feel in a community, they are also looking for somewhere with a good school district and job opportunities.

We truly believe this bond is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Greene County. If we don’t embrace this and vote yes, this community will have lost a very vital piece to its future success. People are looking for an area like Greene County to move to or move back to. We just need to provide the pieces of the puzzle for them that Greene County is missing, and this bond vote can help do that.

We will be voting “yes” April 3rd and encourage everyone to do the same. If you have questions be sure to reach out to those with information. Our Kids, Our Future-Greene County is a great outlet for information. Educate yourselves and then vore – Every vote matters! Be a part of making a difference for this community, the future will thank you!

Abby & Alex McConnell, Jefferson

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