Letter to the editor – Jeffrey Melton

To the editor,

I have seen so much of the “Our Kids, Our Future” that I had to say something. So forgive me for being long winded. But to those of you all out there that think a new school and a career academy will help to bring anything in, I’m sorry it won’t.

The brainwashed youth of the town is just following blindly without seeing the full picture because they just want to leave and don’t care about the taxpayers and if taxes raise. They aren’t paying them.

And to the adults that truly think this new school will bring in jobs, I’m sorry. Jefferson, my hometown, is a retirement community. And it will be known as such for a long time. The ’50s and ’60s were the booming years for the town. And perhaps it went into the ’70s and ’80s. But after that, business left. We have a few out of town businesses now. Yet most are local. And no new shiny school will ever bring them back. I’m sorry to break your hope.

But as the date gets closer I can’t stand idly by and allow a town that I grew up in and loved to make such a horrible decision. I have family in Jefferson that I would not want to see the taxes being raised on because of a new school that costs more than we can afford. When the grant money can go towards repairs and renovations to the current schools.

There is nothing wrong with the current buildings that can’t be repaired. The high school can be extended. And even if this does get a yes vote, you only bring in one business. And honestly that is all you will get.

Why not focus on bringing in more business? A school ain’t gonna help that. You have to draw businesses in. Schools don’t do that. They look at the town and the potential it has. Right now, as much as I hate to say it, Jefferson isn’t a town of potential.

And if this thing passes on the 3rd then Jefferson is just a town that fell for adults using kids to get what they want, which is sad if Jefferson has fallen so far…

Jeffrey Melton, North Dakota

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