Letter to the editor – Dick and Delores Finch

To the editor,

Since the campaign for the new school and college academy got started six weeks ago, I see a new attitude coming from Greene County residents about enabling our county to grow and prosper. All the positive letters from residents and former residents, and even high school students concerned.

When so many people spend their time to put actual thoughts, facts and good reasons for this vote to pass, it certainly outweighs the costs, which have been reduced by contributions from many entities.

The letter from Gwen Black was the best one of all. And it wasn’t based on coffee shop talk. It was facts and what happened in Greene County 100 years ago when our founders spent the time and money to build an education system in Greene County for everyone to use. With her letter coming from a Greene County student, addressed to residents and voters, about how young people feel about us and how they feel about where their future will be.

All this makes me proud to be a resident and businessman in our community for 70 years, and I see a community stepping up to the plate to do the right thing for everyone.

Please do your part. Vote April 3rd and vote “yes”.

Dick and Delores Finch, Jefferson

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