Letter to Greene County residents – D. Marquardt, K. Gray, A. Van der Meer, B. Vanderwilt

Greene County residents,

As educators in the district, we are excited about the prospect of the new high school and Career Academy as well as the updated facilities for the middle school. As has been documented, our facilities are in need of some serious updating in order to help provide the best possible safety and education we can.

One aspect that we try to instill in our students is a sense of community and school pride. We try to celebrate achievements, both big and small, that help to show that Greene County is a place to be proud of. The new facilities and opportunities from the academy will show our students and the surrounding communities that Greene County is looking to the future and passionate about education. We want our students to know that they have a community that fully supports their education. Voting YES to make our facilities something to be proud of supports this idea.

Education and the way kids learn is changing. Classrooms look different than they did 50 years ago. The classrooms today need to have the capacity to allow for a collaborative approach to learning. Having students work together to solve real-world problems and apply the concepts they are learning in class to the outside world is something we strive for. Many of the changes in the proposal address this style of learning.

The Career Academy provides a great avenue for hands-on learning with practical applications that are so beneficial to our students. To be able to see how these classes and skills can directly tie into a career available in their own county is great motivation for them. As an added bonus, the opportunity to receive an associate’s degree from Iowa Central at the same time as a high school diploma is a great benefit to students and families of Greene County.

Staff at our school often talk about how fortunate we are to come in contact with the students we have each day- who are great thinkers, leaders, and citizens. We truly have kids who are going to go out in to the world and make it a better place. Let’s give them what they deserve– the best opportunities and stepping stones to success by voting YES on April 3rd.

Deb Marquardt
Kelley Gray
Amy van der Meer
Beth Vanderwilt

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