Letter to the editor – Bruce and Jenny Wessling

To the editor,

We would like to voice our support for the upcoming bond vote. We believe that just like any business, you have to be willing to change and adapt to new ideas and technology to prosper. Bruce and I feel it is our obligation to assist the next generation by providing every advantage for success possible and the April 3rd vote is just that.

Looking at the changes we have seen in farming in 28 years, not to mention the changes since Bruce’s parents and grandparents were involved, we feel the bond vote is our school and Greene County’s opportunity for advancement towards success. If we want to bring business to town, we need to have an attractive school system that will entice families to reside here. People will commute to a job if they feel a neighboring town has a better school system for their children.

This decision to vote yes will bring change to Greene County, but it is our view that this is the kind of change that will help grow our community and provide our kids some of the best opportunities for success, whether it be moving on to college or learning a skilled trade. This bond creates a better community for us all. Please consider voting “yes on April 3rd.

Bruce and Jenny Wessling, Grand Junction

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