Reminder: no campaign signs in right-of-way

Jefferson zoning officer Nick Sorensen reminds residents of zoning requirements for temporary signage, like campaign signs.

Signs urging action on any matter on the ballot of a primary, general or special election shall not exceed 32 square feet and shall not be placed in the city right of way.

For residents who are unsure of where the right of way is located, a good rule of thumb is to place the sign between the house and the sidewalk. Where there are no sidewalks, residents can look for utility poles and/or fire hydrants – they’re in the right of way. Signs should be placed behind an imaginary line connecting utility poles.

If there are no utility poles, the Greene County assessor’s webpage can help locate property lines.

County zoning coordinator Chuck Wenthold adds that the same prohibition of campaign signs in the right of way applies to rural residents as well.

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