Letter to the editor – Marilynn Hoskinson

To the editor:

Several years ago the issue of building an overpass came up in Jefferson. After discussion, the city fathers decided we didn’t need it. As the years passed it was evident that fire protection was challenged north of the Union Pacific double tracks due to long trains going east and west, slowing traffic. Also, emergency ambulance service to the hospital from the north was held up when a patient needed help to get the emergency room fast. Industry was not building north of the tracks due to these factors. A few years ago, the overpass was approved and work began. Today we have industries to the north and it proves that hindsight is 20/20.

It is the same with the school bond issue. We certainly have to look ahead for the advancement of our young people and the good of our county. The young people will learn new jobs at this Career Academy in our tech society world.

Some of us attended one-room country schools and we understand how important it is to move ahead with the times. Many of these young people will be equipped with knowledge for a career without the incredible four-year college debt and years of loan repayment, and the burden of that cost.

Let’s be positive and vote for this bond issue.

Marilynn Hoskinson, Jefferson

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