Letter to the editor – Patrick and Brooke Raney

To the  editor,

My wife Brooke and I often talk about raising our (future) children in a small school district. Living in the Des Moines metro nearly 10 years is a blast with many entertainment options, restaurants, bike trails, and friends.

When I mention someday moving “home” to my clients, friends, and family I generally get the question, “Why do you want to live in a small town?”

First off I say, this isn’t just any small town, it’s Jefferson. Home of the best Chinese and Mexican restaurants. Also you haven’t tried a “Frip Pie” from Bett and Bev’s BBQ!  As far as entertainment options go, there is Wild Rose, History Boy Theatre plus Jack Trice and Hilton are down the road, not to mention the bike trail, rec center and newly-updated downtown.

Last, but certainly not least, is the community. Many people choose to live in locations offering supportive communities with opportunities for their family. This bond is one such opportunity. Your vote counts for more than yourself. It counts for future families in the community. “An investment in education pays the best interest”~ Ben Franklin.

We will be eagerly hoping April 3rd is a resounding YES.

Patrick Raney, J-S class of 2005, and Brooke Raney of West Des Moines

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