Letter to the editor – Mary Weaver

Dear editor,

I am writing about the proposed Greene County School Bond, schedule for a vote on April 3.

I am thinking how our early settlers in Greene County promoted education for young people. Greene County citizens have a long legacy regarding education. The first school in Greene County was the Brand School, a subscription school. That meant people had to pay to attend. This started in the winter of 1857 and had 60 students. When the Civil War began this school, led by their instructor Azor Mills, volunteered for the Civil War.

Country schools located every two miles were readily built by the settlers who wanted their children educated. As early as 1877 there were 141 schoolhouses in Greene County. Historically, I continue to be very proud of my Washington Township Heritage as a High School was started in 1898. My paternal grandmother graduated from the Washington Consolidated School in 1901. I continued my family’s tradition of education in Greene County by graduating from East Greene in 1963, and watching my children become graduates of East Greene as well.

Now, it is our responsibility to speak up in words and actions for the advancement of education for our Greene County young people, just as generations did before us. I am a proud supporter of Our Kids, Our Future, and will be voting yes on April 3rd.

Please join me in learning about the bond issue, and voting by absentee ballot or at the polls on April 3rd.

Sincerely yours – Mary Weaver, Rippey

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