Letter to the editor – Darren Jackson

To the editor,

“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are hours where decades happen.”
The author of the quote, Lenin, probably would not appreciate the way I am going to use his words in this letter. I’m not encouraging a communist revolution, but rather an educational and capitalist one.

The hours on April 3rd are going to decide the fate of Greene County for the next decades. The way you decide to vote or not vote will be a decision that will determine if we are putting our communities and our children on the right path to success.

Now, of course, the quote was said in the context of world events much larger than what will happen to one county in Iowa. The world will continue to spin if the bond fails; the United States government will not crumble. Other institutions and businesses will survive.
Iowa Central will build a career academy somewhere else; the middle school will deteriorate at its current pace. Pillar will find a more forward thinking community, and some parents will look for better schools.

Eventually, plywood sales for closed business’ windows on the square should see an uptick, and professional complainers will get some more material to use when reminding everyone how, “This town was so much better back in my day.”

Your vote on April 3rd will not change the whole world for decades to come. It will only change your world.

Darren Jackson, Jefferson (and Greene County High School teacher)

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