Letter to the editor – Bill and Peg Raney

To the editor,

We are writing to show our support for the school bond referendum and to encourage others to support it with a yes vote on April 3. This plan addresses a variety of needs that we see as important for the kids and for the future of Greene County.

As a retired middle school teacher, I worked with kids with physical needs not being met with our current building. The time is long gone that kids with physical limitations of any sort should not be met in the public school system in a dignified and respectful way. Students of mine had to leave early to ride the lift to another floor missing valuable class time. The classroom sizes do not meet the needs of today’s teaching practices that require more space for collaboration and hands-on projects.

Simple items like more plug-ins and air conditioning are currently addressed with plug-in strips and loud window air conditioners. The possibility of having 40 percent larger classroom spaces all on one level with a real lunchroom, a secure entrance, and theater for large groups takes the “make-do” of the current middle school to a professional space ready for current learning experiences. Homes, farm equipment, and other work spaces have changed through the years – why not the learning environment of our kids?

Through our involvement in economic development, we know that employees are looking at several important criteria for their families to live here and the school is a big part of it. Is the school safe, accessible, progressive, and updated for current teaching practices? The health care services, downtown, and entertainment opportunities have all made improvements to attract people and now it is time for the school to step up for us to showcase a total positive image in Greene County.

The high cost of a college education has also been in the news lately. Community colleges continue to offer a bargain for further learning. This opportunity to have this ICCC career academy located in our county is something we can not pass up. Our local industries see this as a real advantage to draw employees and help train current ones. Opportunities in technology training are motivating for students of all ages. This is a win-win for all.

We don’t have kids or grandkids in Greene County right now but are willing to pay the cost to help all of our Greene County kids achieve. We know someone else is supporting them in another school district, and we appreciate it. Join us in voting yes.

Peg & Bill Raney, Jefferson

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