Letter to the editor – Diana and Justin Towers

To the Editor:

Justin and I would like to share our support for the upcoming school bond initiative, “Our Kids, Our Future…….Greene County”. We moved back to this community a few years ago, putting our faith in the hope that we could earn a living and raise our family here.

Fortunately, I secured a Pre-K teaching position in Greene County Schools and Justin has grown his business, Towers Construction.

We love being back in the community that we grew up in and near our families. It has reminded us of all the years we watched our parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends serve on school boards, chair committees, volunteer in classrooms, and do whatever it took to give their children the best school experience possible. Now, it is our turn, and we are ready to look at this project through the eyes of parents, educators, taxpayers, and responsible adults who value excellent schools.

This project excites us as parents because it will benefit our three children as they transition into middle school and high school, and perhaps take advantage of the career academy. As an educator, I appreciate that we are looking at a plan that will take us many years into the future and meet long term needs. Justin, having entered his vocation through Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, feels the career academy will be a tremendous asset for our area.

We ask you to join us in continuing to preserve the legacy of great schools in our community by voting YES for “Our Kids, Our Future…..Greene County”.

Sincerely, Justin and Diana Towers, Jefferson

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