Letter to the editor – Carl Behne

As a major employer in Greene County, Greene County Medical Center supports the current school bond proposal. It will benefit our community in many ways.

First and most obviously, it is a vote in support of our kids.

Another added component is the regional career academy. The medical center has a close relationship with many students from Iowa Central Community College (ICCC). In any given semester, we have students who are training to be future nurses, lab or imaging techs and certified nurse’s aides (CNA) on our campus. Many of our current employees received their education through ICCC.

The career academy will become a critical vessel for many training programs for our youth. It is a first rate opportunity to train our kids for a bright future. It opens a door to careers that don’t necessarily require a four-year college degree. Programs that can provide our kids a potential job opportunity right after high school will benefit all of us.

Equally important is the role a good, solid, state-of-the-art school facility is for the recruitment of employees. Potential new families look at a community’s school system when considering a move. Schools need to be rock solid and add to the overall community environment. Additionally, the regional career academy will be a good recruiting tool for the many successful businesses and industries in Greene County, all of which are constantly in search of well-trained employees. In turn, the entire county will benefit with new neighbors and well-trained youth.

A yes vote on Tuesday, April 3, tells our kids they are important to our future and worth the investment. It is also a vote for the future growth of Greene County.

Carl Behne, FACHE chief executive officer Greene County Medical Center

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