Letter to the editor -Chris Henning

Re: Your voice and your vote matter – caucus with Democrats Feb. 5

To the editor,

Much has happened politically since the 2016 caucus nationally and in Iowa. The election of Donald Trump as president; the re-election of Republican Steve King to Congress; the re-election of Republicans Chip Baltimore and Jerry Behn to represent Greene County in the Statehouse; the appointment of longtime Gov Terry Branstad as US Ambassador to China and his replacement by Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds; and the legislation passed in 2017 have spurred Democrats in Iowa to action.

Seven well-qualified Iowans have stepped forward to run as governor against Republican incumbent Kim Reynolds. The Greene County Democrats have hosted Rich Leopold, Nate Boulton, John Norris and Andy McGuire to date and are open to host others.

Fourth Congressional District candidates who are vying to run against incumbent Steve King – JD Scholten, Leann Jacobsen and John Paschen – also brought their messages.

We joined Crawford and Carroll counties to host a Tri-County Fundraiser and heard from most of the field of gubernatorial, statewide and district candidates there.

In our own Iowa District 47, David Weaver of Rippey has announced he will run to represent Democrats against Chip Baltimore. We still need to find Democrats who will run for county supervisor in districts 2 and 3, as the terms of Republicans Dawn Rudolph and Tom Contner expire Dec. 31.

The 2018 mid-term elections are going to be crucial! It will take all of us Democrats and no small number of Independents and disenchanted Republicans to β€œflip” the Republican control, both nationally and in our state.

Whether it is in choosing to run, encouraging and working for a candidate, or lobbying at the county supervisors or the Statehouse for issues that are important for you, your voice can have impact.

This year, participation in the caucuses, and as delegates to the county, district and state conventions could make a big difference. State convention delegates may well be the ones to select the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

State rules say that a candidate must receive 35 percent of the vote in a primary to be the candidate. The potential for that to happen with such a strong field of candidates is uncertain. Because state convention delegates vote when no candidate reaches that 35 percent threshold, it behooves us to have delegates who can seriously consider and nominate a candidate who can win.

And once a candidate is nominated, it will be our voices, our enthusiasm and efforts, and all our votes that will make a difference in the election outcome. Please step up and say you will help!

Please join with me and your neighbors on Caucus Night, Monday, Feb 5, at the Jefferson City Hall, 220 N Chestnut St. Registration begins at 6:30, and participants must be registered or in line to register by 7 pm to caucus. All Greene County Democrats (and those Independents and Republicans who register as Democrats at the event) are welcome to attend. Your energy is needed to make the county, and the state, blue in 2018.

Chris Henning
Chair, Greene County Democrats

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