Yoga comes to the middle school

Jordi (Rector) Doughty introduced Greene County Middle School students to yoga in their phys ed classes last week.

Doughty, a 2010 Jefferson-Scranton graduate, is the owner/instructor of Jordi Doughty Wellness in Des Moines. She visits schools to encourage phys ed teachers to include yoga in their classes as a way to introduce athletes and all students to yoga. She can help teachers develop a written curriculum for yoga.

Doughty also teaches adult yoga classes and works with UI and ISU athletes in strength training.

Sean Thompson invited her to his phys ed classes because of the strengthening possibilities yoga offers athletes, and for the wellness opportunities it offers everyone.

Jordi Doughty returned to the gym where she had middle school PE to teach yoga techniques

He hopes to add yoga to the phys ed lineup next school year. “Yoga is something you can do your entire life. I think it’s good for students to learn a little bit about it,” he said.

Doughty added that yoga can be helpful for teens. “Middle school and high school are such stressful times. Yoga can help people breathe through the stress,” she said.
She conducted high school classes the previous week.

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