~a column by Colleen O’Brien

I had a column ready to go for this week’s edition of GreeneCountyNewsOnline when I heard that a small town north of Sacramento, a rural area, was shot up by somebody or somebodies (early news as I write this), and I decided that I’m pretty much sick to death that there are people out there who are as angry as our President and are willing to shoot unaware babies, children, teens, parents, grands, to let us know how angry they are.

I realize that he, the President, is not shooting people. But he has never said much about local shootings going on in this country – Charleston, Charlottesville, Orlando, Vegas, small town Texas and now small town northern California; never as much as he’s said about Mexicans and Muslims when it comes to danger to Americans.

Could the President of the United States just stand up and say, “Stop it!” The people who do not follow #45 think that the people with the guns are the ones who did and do follow him.

Would he say to them, “Do not kill innocent people.”

Can he say, out loud, “Do not do what I insinuated.”

What was it he said during the campaign that he is still campaigning on to annihilate Hillary (didn’t he already do that)? Something about “Second Amendment people could stop Hillary. . . .”

Did this mean what it sounded like . . . if you’re NRA, shoot her?

Is it coming to pass without Hill being in the sights?

Could we have a President who stood up to violence and asked forgiveness for his message to “the people.” Could he put it to us and his followers that violence is not the way to go in this world?

Speak up, Mr. Bully President. You have the pulpit.*

*Right now, if you look up “bully pulpit” on Google, the example of usage of the phrase, after the definition, is, “he could use the presidency as a bully pulpit to bring out the best in civic life”

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