In the neighborhood

November 1, 2017

Delores Blanshan was a recent guest in the home of Virgene Morse. They went to Ames for an eye appointment and then met Kelsey Blanshan for lunch at Hickory Park. On the way back home they were able to watch the crew harvest corn on Virgene’s farm. Good timing for Delores to be home!

Rinker-Finger family reunion – Visitors in the home of Myron and Maralynn (Finger) Rinker over the weekend of Oct. 20-23 were their daughter and son-in-law, Marilee and Steve White, and their 13-year-old daughter J. C. of Centennial, CO. The occasion was a belated birthday visit to celebrate Myron’s 80th birthday, which was Oct. 6.

The time was spent visiting in the Rinker home, except for Sunday noon, when members from both Myron and Maralynn’s families and two friends of Marilee,gathered at the Machine Shed in West Des Moines. It was interesting that the age span attending was 3 years to 84 years. The get-together was planned by their children Marilee and Marke.

Those attending the occasion were Shirley (Finger) Dobbs of Grimes, William and Diane (Finger) Johnston of Bloomington, IL, sisters of Maralynn, Myron’s brother-in-law, Don Hagge, husband of the late Barb Rinker; their sons, Tim Hagge and his daughter Hannah, and Jeff and Bev Hagge and their son Jessie and his 3-year-old daughter Cloe, all of the Des Moines area. Also enjoying the festivities were Marke’s special friend Jenny Voboril and Marilee’s good friends and classmates, Jenny (Blanshan) Wessling of Grand Junction and Jody (Scharingson) Hall of West Des Moines.

Monday afternoon the White family went to West Des Moines to spend the evening and night with Ryan and Jodi Hall and their daughters Reagan and Peyton. They left Tuesday morning for home. It was a brief trip for the White family, but such a special time spent together.

Recovery update – I have had a steady stream of visitors this week. A couple of special little boys dressed in their Halloween costumes visited with their parents, Kyle and Emily DeMoss. Gabe and David quickly discovered the toys that hadn’t been put back in the toy closet after my grandchildren left. Kyle immediately recognized a lot of the toys, as he and his brother Bryce played with them when they were small and I was caring for them while their parents were working.

Son Alan stopped in and the stories of what Kyle and Bryce did while staying on the farm caused a lot of laughter. One memory I brought up was when Kyle and Bryce were “helping” me clean out the closet under the stairway to turn it into the toy closet. I had stored some LP albums in there and when they saw them, Kyle asked where the CD player was that played them. Needless to say, I found a turntable so they could listen to the Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street records. My own grandkids were fascinated with the player and even now, Kale likes to play with it, only he is looking at it in a more technical way. I fully expect that machine will be taken apart someday, to see its insides and how it works!!
One day Mary Weaver, Dixie Slight, Jack and Betty Lint, Sharon Laub, and Lana Miller came and we, of course, talked about our kids and a little bit about our surgeries, therapy and how young the doctors seem to look!

Ann Frederick stopped by with her dad’s “four wheeler” walker and it worked really well, walking outside on those nice days. Lana and Ann had worked a funeral and when Lana walked in with some containers, I knew I had some leftover salads to eat for a while!

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