4-H new member program, Awards Day Oct. 15

Greene County 4-H had a day of celebration Sunday, Oct. 15, at John 15 Vineyard near Scranton.

The day began with the annual new member program when new members and their families gathered to learn about 4-H and meet other members. There were 10 new families that enjoyed games and activities at the vineyard and learned more about what 4-H has to offer.

Later in the day, a crowd of more 80 people attended to see Greene County 4-H members, as well as 4-H volunteers and financial sponsors, recognized during the annual Greene County 4-H Awards Ceremony. Record books submitted by 4-H members were evaluated by volunteers who decided on the final awards, recognizing outstanding record books and excellence in project work over the past year.

“The Awards Ceremony is the final process of the 2016-2017 4-H year,” said Kayla Hyett, county youth and 4-H coordinator for Greene County Extension. “We couldn’t have done it without the more than 20 volunteers that evaluated record books and the youth development committee for assisting in the planning of the day. The Young Leaders did a great job of encouraging youth to participate in yard games and pitch and putt golf prior to the start of the ceremony. It is an afternoon filled with fun and we enjoy recognizing the hard work youth put into their 4-H projects throughout the year,” Hyett said.

A total of 47 4-H members submitted a record book for the 2016-2017 4-H year. Nine volunteers and community supports were recognized at the event.

Junior 4-H members recognized for completing record books: Bailey Anderson, Elise Badger, Ely Booth, Grace Curtis, Ethan Frederick, Kayla Frederick, Tia Gierstorf, Sadie Gilbertson, Emma Halterman, Grace Hardaway, Natalie Heupel, Katrina Heupel, Leah Hill, Adam Hooper, Ethan Hooper, Ilse Hooper, Naphtali Hoyt, Taylor McDowell, Elias Messer, Trey Schilling, Olivia Shannon, Cody Stephenson, Caden Telleen

Outstanding Junior Record Keeping: Grace Curtis
Honorable Mention Junior Record Keeping: Ethan Frederick, Trey Schilling and Cody Stephenson

Excellence: Bailey Anderson, Elise Badger, Ely Booth, Ethan Frederick, Kayla Frederick, Natalie Heupel, Katrina Heupel, Adam Hooper, Ethan Hooper, Ilse Hooper, Naphtali Hoyt, Trey Schilling

Merit: Grace Curtis, Tia Gierstorf, Sadie Gilbertson, Grace Hardaway, Elias Messer, Cody Stephenson

Junior Spark Award: Bailey Anderson

Project Awards: Bailey Anderson (Communications, Goat, Photography & Sheep; Grace Curtis (Food & Nurtrition); Tia Gierstorf (Family Consumer Science); Sadie Gilbertson (Sewing & Needle Arts); Grace Hardaway (Clothing & Fashion, Dog, Photography, Sewing & Needle Arts & Sheep); Katrina Heupel (Clothing & Fashion, Communications, Food & Nutrition, Photography & Sewing & Needle Arts); Natalie Heupel (Clothing & Fashion, Communications, Food & Nutrition, Photography, Sewing & Needle Arts & Sheep); Trey Schilling (Beef, Communications & Dog); Cody Stephenson (Beef & Sheep)

Junior 4-H members recognized included (front, from left) Tia Gierstorf, Grace Hardaway, Taylor McDowell, Kayla Frederick, Elise Badger and Ethan Frederick; and back, from left) Olivia Shannon, Emma Halterman, Bailey Anderson, Trey Schilling and Cody Stephenson

Intermediate 4-H members recognized for completing record books: Conner Allender, Avery Bardole, Nathan Black, Hannah Curtis, Caden Etherton, Ashlyn Frederick, Noble Hoyt, Dalton Ostrander, and Justin Stream

Outstanding Intermediate Record Keeping: Hannah Curtis
Honorable Mention Intermediate Record Keeping: Nathan Black and Ashlyn Frederick

Excellence: Conner Allender, Nathan Black, Hannah Curtis, Ashlyn Frederick, Noble Hoyt, Justin Stream

Intermediate Spark, Logan Higgins

Merit: Avery Bardole

Intermediate Flame Award: Logan Higgins
Outstanding Intermediate Award: Avery Bardole

Project Awards: Conner Allender (Dogs, Home Improvement & Poultry); Avery Bardole (Photography, Science Engineering & Technology); Nathan Black (Food & Nutrition, Photography & Poultry); Ashlyn Frederick (Horse & Photography); Noble Hoyt (Health & Sewing & Needle Arts); Justin Stream (Sheep)

Intermediate 4-H members recognized included (from left) Caden Etherton, Conner Allender, Ashlyn Frederick and Avery Bardole

Senior 4-H members recognized for completing record books: Brock Badger, Arthur Bardole, Kara Betts, Gwen Black, Madison Brincks, Megan Brincks, Emily Finch, Taylor Gierstorf, Cody Gilbertson, Brian Hardaway, Samantha Hardaway, Immanuel Jubell, Jared Marshall, Kara Reed and Brock Wuebker

Outstanding Senior Record Keeping: Kara Betts and Gwen Black
Honorable Mention Senior Record Keeping: Kara Reed

Excellence: Brock Badger, Arthur Bardole, Kara Betts, Gwen Black, Taylor Gierstorf, Brian Hardaway, Jared Marshall, Kara Reed

Merit: Emily Finch, Cody Gilbertson, Samantha Hardaway

Stellar Senior Award: Emily Heupel

Project Awards
Arthur Bardole (Communications, Home Improvement, Rabbit & Sheep); Brock Badger (Sheep); Kara Betts (Beef, Clothing & Fashion, Food & Nutrition, Home Improvement, Photography & Visual Arts); Emily Finch (Home Improvement); Cody Gilbertson (Sewing & Needle Arts); Brian Hardaway (Dog, Photography, Sewing & Needle Arts & Sheep); Samantha Hardaway (Sheep); Jared Marshall (Ag & Natural Resources & Woodworking); Kara Reed (Home Improvement, Sewing & Needle Arts & Sheep)

Senior 4-H award winners included (front, from left) Kara Reed, Emily Finch, Kara Betts and Samantha Hardaway; and (back, from left) Brock Badger, Jared Marshall and Arthur Bardole.

Adults were recognized for years of service to 4-H with the Award of Clover.

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