Letter to the editor – Bruce Banister

To the editor,

Dick Finch’s recent letter made many, many good points.

So much of our taxes, often disguised as “grants”, are going to pay for pie in the sky projects. Vision 2020 should have taken a trip to Dr. Terry Brown’s office for a check up before squandering $98,000 on a “study” which suggests we build a sports complex with three or four basketball courts, a water park and a beer garden.

Of course, none of this will come close to breaking even. Your tax dollars will cover the difference.

Then there is the brew pub and upscale restaurant downtown. I agree that this would be very nice but, as this would probably involve giving tax breaks to the developer I think this would be unfair to the restaurants we have.

Are we going to be asked to vote yet again on a school bond? Are we going to spend $600,000-plus on an animal shelter? We need to do something but, $600,000?

We have a declining population. I know all these proposals along with the golf course, rec center, etc. are attempts to stem this trend. Will it work? So far, it hasn’t.

I hope I am proven wrong but, I think the way much of our money is being spent is ill advised.

Sincerely, Bruce Banister, Jefferson



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