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Rippey News Oct. 17, 2017

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Rippey Lions Club – The Rippey Lions Club shared a potluck meal at its recent meeting coordinated by Rachel Sacco. During the business meeting members discussed plans to plant a tree in Rippey to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Lions International. Mark Devilbiss and Dale Hanaman will do further checking regarding the kind of tree and possible locations. Also discussed was the possible location for play equipment acquired by Keith Devilbiss. Mark and Dale will do more checking regarding this.

The group was reminded of the annual spaghetti dinner on Saturday, Nov. 11. The next regular meeting is Oct. 19 at 7 pm at the Rippey United Methodist Church.

Harlan DenBeste introduced Jacqueline Riekena, who has purchased buildings including the location of the old Woolworth Store on 2nd Ave and Willis Ave. Others has been renovating the building over the last year. Mark Devilbiss, a Rippey Lions Club member, is doing the brick work.

The building was constructed in 1855, and in the process of the work, hidden staircases and other unique aspects of the building were uncovered.

Jacqueline introduced Pat Snyder who will open her own business, Prairie Girls, in the building. It will feature unique items, including home décor and clothing and provide space for painting and other classes.

There will also be Lara’s Baker and a mercantile market. Other businesses that will be opened are the Elegant Rose, a tea room; The Buffalo Nickel featuring fried chicken and smoke meats; La Paris Underground, featuring items made in Iowa; and 17 Spikes serving pizza. There will be a downstairs community room available for different activities. There will be a soft opening during the second week of November at the time of “Art on the Prairie”. Interested people are invited to drop by as the work is being completed and to experience the different opportunities when the businesses are open.

Rippey library: Librarian Shawneene Kenan; phone: 515.436.7714; website:; E-mail: rippeyli [at] windstream [dot] net.
Fall hours are in place. The library will be open Monday thru Friday, 1-5 pm.

Recent weekend guests in the home of Virgene Morse were Kelsey Blanshan of Ankeny and Delores Blanshan of Waterloo. They spent the weekend making chili sauce and canning tomatoes. Joining them Saturday were Diane and Terry Ostendorf and Ben Ostendorf of Madrid. The girls both made crockpot suppers for Virgene and a good time was had by all as they spent the day catching up.

Toni and Phil Roberts spent Sunday afternoon in Winterset at the Madison County Covered Bridge Festival. They watched the parade with Wendy Burkett and daughter Lily to see their other two granddaughters, Josie and Addie Burkett, march in the Winterset Junior High Band. Following the parade the group walked around the square to see the activities. Although the couple did not take in any of the Bridge tours they both enjoyed the afternoon watching their granddaughters perform and the ride home amid the beautiful fall colors.

Blake and Linda Hampton, Sierra, Sophia and Jayden of Chandler, AZ, and Blake Hampton of Durham, SC, spent a few days with Sarah and Alan Borgeson, Kane and Kale. Sunday, Oct. 8, was finally a nice, sunny day. The rest of the family gathered at Grandma’s just enjoying the kids and visiting. A walk to the river bank for a family picture was highlighted by the official proposal by Robert to Mel Searce. The engagement ring was ordered last week, so a washer from the shop, all shined up for the occasion, was used to finalize the proposal.

A birthday party was held for Sophia and Jayden, who will be 4 on Oct. 18. They were so excited. Homemade ice cream provided by Uncle Dean and colorful cupcakes were served. There were lots of presents and pictures to take home from this Iowa visit.

Others attending were Michael, Jill, Jace and Seth of Rippey, Dean and Elayne Bice of Johnston, Dave and Dena Losen of Urbandale, Tyler Losen and Hayley Eischeid of Des Moines, Beth DeMoss of Jefferson and Shawn and Lori DeMoss of Rippey.

The Sunday activities during the day had concluded and most of us had gathered at Alan and Sarah’s to eat, visit, and play with the little ones. At some point I thought Sierra might like to see the Big Dipper and she and her big brother, Blake and I went outside to stargaze. They both live in cities and were enjoying the clear view of the sky.

Kale opened the garage door and turned the light on and asked what we were doing. I told him to come join us but turn out the light. As I turned to talk to him, I tripped over Sierra. I fell hard. All three came to my rescue and Blake and Kale got me into the house After a while, Alan and Sarah got me home and I spent an uneventful night, sleeping well. Of course when I tried to get up and going in the morning, I knew I would be seeking medical treatment.

Linda got me to the clinic where x-rays were taken. It was determined there was a hairline fracture and fortunately it was Dr. Wahl’s day to be in Jefferson. Bless his heart, he was able to squeeze me in to repair the fracture.

I can’t say enough about the wonderful care I received during my stay. The Iowa Central student nurses who got to practice on me are lucky to have the opportunity to train under the staff at Greene County Medical Center.

Of course therapy started right away the next day. It happened that Linda and the kids were there, and when the therapist saw the little ones, she quickly asked if anyone in the room could count to 10. They all said “yes” and Sophia started right in counting. In short order she had them sitting on the bed and instructed them to say “ready, set, go” and they counted the different exercises I had to do. Sometimes she had them count backwards and had to slow them down, but it was so darned cute! (Grandma’s opinion)

They were able to observe changing the IV, taking blood and other basic care. Jayden seemed to be fascinated with the big mug of water with the crinkly straw, although by the end of their visit they all were sharing.

The fact that they were allowed to even be in the room was one of the best improvements in patient care from the past. They knew Grandma was going to be OK and it wasn’t scary for th I can’t imagine what they will share during “show and tell” as they continue school this week. They left Wednesday for home.

I got home Thursday and the friends and food started arriving. It’s nice to know there is a long list of people I can call if I need anything. The real therapy will probably start next week, so I will be grateful for those who will be part of the driving team. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon.

Kale spent Sunday afternoon with me and later, Michael and Seth, Robert and their tolerant sister-in-law Sarah also spent some time visiting after their day was done. They always leave me laughing. It’s the best medicine!

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