Letter to the editor – Dick Finch

To the editor,

The cause of money shortages with federal, state, county or city is poor management.

It’s not that they do not collect enough taxes and fees. They simply waste too much of it on the uncontrolled welfare assistance and disability payments. Some of these are very important for people who have had debilitating accidents or sickness, but why should the taxpayers pay for people’s reckless lifestyles with no attention to their future welfare during their working years.  And anyone receiving should be subject to a drug test monthly.

Unnecessary additions and repairs to city and county properties – for instance, a new $1,000,000 pet holding facility – how outrageous. Doesn’t anybody care?

I do. I’m a taxpayer. Tell your council persons, don’t just complain at the coffee shop. It should go to a vote!

And new alleys around Thomas Jefferson Gardens and museum. How important was that? Thousands of dollars – Who cares?

I do. I’m a taxpayer, and a mad one. Stop the waste.

Farmers and farms are probably 75 percent of Greene County tax base and farm taxes are $27  per acre. Farmers cannot afford this and they’re Greene County’s largest businesses, and they spend lots of money locally.

I say, run the county and city like a business, not a money tree. Figure the very essential expenses and overhead and divide that by the property owner and values and that’s what you need for taxes, no more. And then lower taxes to the actual cost of government.

Here’s a list of very unnecessary expenses and expenditures lately: a new and dysfunctional hospital with no OB department and a large operating debt; recently added bells on the tower; Thomas Jefferson Gardens; new alleys around TJ Gardens and museum; new costly signage and beautification of Jefferson; black-topping the bike trail; and all the unnecessary thousands and thousands of dollars spent on engineering firms for studies for stupid things like beautifying the east entrance to Jefferson on old Highway 30. The only way to beautify it would be to remove almost all of the businesses and lower the tax base. Wouldn’t that be smart? Ask the businesses for volunteers to help clean up the whole area. Save thousands of dollars.

All of this makes it look like the town’s ono the move, but it’s not.

No one had a chance to vote for these expenditures.

Elected representatives and appointed persons, please do your job. You took an oath. You’re working for the public, and you can be replaced.

Dick Finch, Jefferson

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