Greene County magistrate court, week ending Sept. 28

In Greene County magistrate court a judgment was entered Sept. 23 against Robert R. Kovar of Jefferson in a case initiated in district court on a charge of theft- fourth degree. The charge was amended to theft- fifth degree and Kovar was fined $65 with a $22.75 surcharge. Both were suspended. He must pay a $125 Law Enforcement Initiative surcharge, $240.99 restitution for his court appointed attorney’s fees, and $100 court costs.

A judgment was entered against Amber Marie Benavides of Jefferson on a charge of disorderly conduct. She was fined $100 with a $35 surcharge. She must also pay $156.10 restitution for her court appointed attorney’s fees and $60 court costs. No judgment was entered on a charge of public intoxication.

In a separate case against Benevides, a charge of assault was amended to harassment- simple. A judgment for a $100 fine with a $35 surcharge was entered against her. She must pay $36 restitution for her court appointed attorney’s fees and $134.30 court costs.

A judgment was entered against Regina Lynn Meyers of Scranton on a charge of assault- simple. Meyers was fined $100 with a $35 surcharge. Court costs were $138.80.

Cases were initiated in magistrate court during the week ending Sept. 28 as follows: Janon Lezlie Olson of Jefferson, interference with official acts; Joshua Jerome Baker of Leon, possession of drug paraphernalia; and Zachery Allen Waters of Paton, assault. Information is available since the return of an arrest warrant that Albert Castaneda of Guthrie Center was charged with theft- fifth degree.

Persons paid fines for scheduled traffic violations during the week ending Sept. 28 as follows: Constance Jean Cross of Boone, dark window or windshield, $50; Laura Alejandra Torres Ruiz of Carroll and Edward R. Bryson of Jefferson, no valid driver’s license, $200; and Janet Michelle Whiteing of Sheldahl, operating non-registered vehicle, $50.
Also, speed, $80 (11-15 mph over limit): Jose Angel Moran of Fort Dodge, *Anna Catharine Benton of Des Moines, and Erik Edgardo Guillen of Perry.

Speed, $40 (6-10 over): Rebecca Lynn Killion of Jefferson, Susan Mary Maynes of Glidden, Macy Renee Waldemar of Deloit, Marlene Kate Telschaw of Fort Dodge, and *Joanna Lee Munoz of Coon Rapids.

Speed, $20 (1-5 over): Natalie Rae Forke, Laura Alejandro Torres Ruiz, Michael John Soppe, and Angela Anita Vetter Tomka, all of Carroll, Randolph Martin Vonnahme of Wall Lake, Brent D. Badger of Bagley, Chad Robert Dennler of Denison, Nirman Kadric of Des Moines, and Charles Ruben Baldridge of Brandon.

Judgments were entered against individuals for nonpayment of scheduled fines as follows (original fine listed): Shanda Nicole Roper of Gowrie, speed, $20; Ernest William Terwilliger of Lehigh, speed, $40; *Jennifer Sue Boer of Cotati, CA, and Greg William Hackler of Jefferson, speed, $80; Anthony L. Bainter of Jefferson, speed, $40, and passing contrary to highway sign or marking, $100; Bryan Gene Snell of Coon Rapids, boat- personal flotation device violation, $20, and fishing/hunting without a license, $20; Timothy Earl Sigler of Nevada, failure to provide proof of financial liability, $250; and Melanie Marie Smith of Jefferson, failure to wear/maintain safety belt, $50.

The judgment includes a penalty of one-half the original fine and surcharge.

Court costs were $60 on each citation unless otherwise noted.

*An additional $5 county surcharge was added.

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