9-Square-in-the-Air at Webb House

Harry Ahrenholtz (center) being introduced to 9-Square in the Air

Harry Ahrenholtz (center) of Jefferson was introduced to 9-Square-in-the-Air at the Webb House Wednesday afternoon.

9-Square-in-the-Air is a new active game that’s a hybrid of 4-Square and volleyball. Players work their way from the “1” square on an outside corner to the center “9” square by accurately hitting the ball over the horizontal bar and into another player’s square. If the ball leaves the 9-square, the player who last touched it has to start over. Each volley is started by the person in the 9-square.

According to Jim North, chief volunteer at the Webb House, his granddaughters first played the game at a summer camp. They told him how much fun it was, North talked to Ahrenholtz about it, and a week later Ahrenholtz had built the game for the Webb House at a cost of $230, less than half the cost of ordering the components from on online vendor.

North reported the line is sometimes very long to play the new game.

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