Scranton’s Varceis Club mixes food and fun to raise money

The zany gals in the Scranton Varceis Club were at it again during their annual salad luncheon held Thursday, Sept. 7.

Scranton Journal photo

For more than 50 years, the ladies have combined delicious food with some crazy antics to draw their guests and raise money for the various projects they support in the Scranton community.

This year’s theme was New York, New York and utilized the talents of the Scranton Rockettes, who by most standards would be considered “washed up” as entertainers. But in Scranton, they are at the top of their careers and had their guests laughing loudly and applauding their hilarious performance.

Performers were, from the left: Sue Holden (with a well-endowed body thanks to balloons), Lainey Schermerhorn (front), Linda Hedges and Susanne MacDonald.

In a true community spirit, the Greene County class of 2018 allowed the club to use decorations from last April’s prom.

The Club’s name, Varceis, is an invented name using the first initial of each of the founding members. Roberta Henning, the “R” in Varceis, is the only one remaining. She helped serve the luncheon, as she has for decades.  ~Scranton Journal

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