And now a word from California

Updated statistics about texting and driving comes to GreeneCountyNewsOnline readers via the long reach of the internet.

Peter Fryer, content manager at Best Of Bikers blog, based in San Diego, CA, was pedaling around on the internet last week and found the GCNO post from May, 2016, about the Arrive Alive distracted driving simulator hosted for high school students by MacDonald Insurance and Jefferson Telecom.

The post mentioned information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Fryer wrote, “I absolutely love that resource. But I thought it could be better.” He shared a link to a more up-to-date version of the NHTSA material. “The Truth & Consequences of Distracted Driving.”

Fryer is correct; his newer post is better, with very compelling information and some startling statistics. According to the blog post, 98 percent of adults think texting while driving is unsafe, but 35 percent admit to sending a text message or email while driving.

Visit the Best of Bikers blog for all the information

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