Greene County magistrate court, week ending Aug. 24

In Greene County magistrate court a case against Patrick Michael Kennedy of Jefferson in which he was charged with harassment- third degree was dismissed Aug. 21 on a motion of the state.

Cases were initiated in magistrate court as follows: Janon Lezlie Olson of Jefferson, theft- fifth degree; Mikael Goran Winblad of Scranton, domestic abuse assault- first offense; and Ashley Ann Reinart of Carroll, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Persons paid fines for scheduled traffic violations during the week ending Aug. 24 as follows: *Rochelle Anne Schaffer of Grand Junction, unsafe passing, $100, and failure to provide proof of financial liability, $500; Hunter Ruth of Scranton, possession of alcohol under age, $200; Randy D. Frazier of Louisville, KY, insufficient number of headlamps, $30; Vincent Andrew Ratliff of Glidden dark window/windshield, $50; and Melanie Marie Smith of Jefferson, curfew violation, $20.

Also, speed, $90 (16-20 mph over limit): *Anthony Dwayne VanScooter of Obrien, FL.
Speed, $80 (11-15 mph over limit): *Nicholas Alan McCann of Adrian, MN, and Charles Thomas Ligouri of Des Moines.

Speed, $40 (6-10 over): *Bradley J. Weitl of Clive, *Jessica Elizabeth Smith of Boone, Mary Anne Cook of Adel, Megan M. Chamberlain of Schaumburg, IL, *Bailey Dehen Newbanks of Ames, *Alejandra Marques Govea of Denison, *Brenna Claire Simmons of Carroll, *Augusto Martinez Perez of Storm Lake, and*Ted C. Porter of Mountain View, KY.

Speed, $20 (1-5 over): Kevin John Teagarden of Pella, Brenton Jay Nair of Memphis, TN, Kane William Borgeson of Rippey, Cheryl Kiene Petersen of Des Moines, and Emily Elizabeth Earwood of Fort Dodge.

Judgments were entered against individuals for nonpayment of scheduled fines as follows (original fine listed): Joann Laura Frazier of Denison, operation without registration card or plate, $50; Franklin Clyde Vaughn III of Logan, dark window or windshield, $50; *Takyla Ruth Pittman of Perry, new title/registration violation, $100, and failure to provide proof of financial liability, $250; *Dennis R. Murphy Jr of Grand Junction, registration violation, $20; *Robinson Jamar Shedrick of Des Moines and Rodney J. Blackmon of Grand Junction, speed, $40; Tonya Noelle Christy of Dayton and Star N. Gifford of Bayard, failure to provide proof of security liability, $250; *Carter Eugene Fetters of Jefferson, failure to maintain control, $100;Noah Adam Bowen of Jefferson, violation of instruction permit limitation, 9.3 hours of community service in lieu of fine and surcharge, judgment entered for $60 court costs; and Freedom Hope Ore of Des Moines, failure to provide proof of security liability, 46.6 hours of community service in lieu of fine and surcharge, judgment entered for $60 ccourt costs.

The judgment includes a penalty of one-half the original fine and surcharge.

Court costs were $60 on each citation unless otherwise noted.

*An additional $5 county surcharge was added.

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