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Aug. 14, 2017

The summer reading program went great! We had approximately 10 kids including one teen. We kicked it off on July 14 by building a Rube Goldberg machine. The kids enjoyed using their building and thinking skills with this project. It taught them leadership and team building skills, along with problem solving skills.

Other projects that they enjoyed were building and naming their own community, listening to our presenter Dan Towers as he taught them how they can build a better world through conservation of their natural resources. The birds in the community now have a few new houses to move into, using the birdhouses the kids built from Popsicle sticks. We had a hilarious time with children’s entertainer Richard Renner, who taught the importance of using your library.

The kids used their “green thumb’ as they planted a succulent planter” from old books that were given to us from a donation. It is hard to imagine the world without our friends the bees. We had a quick lesson of the importance of the bees in our world.
Our final day came with a pizza party and games. The pizza and two $5 gift cards were personally donated by the staff of Sparkys One Stop!
Friends of Rippey, Thank you for your generous cash donation that got us up and
running! We were able to give some great prizes this year, thanks to the “Friends of Rippey!” It was their donation that truly made the program a success!
A HUGE thank you to everyone who gave their time and donated to the summer reading events:

A HUGE thank you to everyone who gave their time and donated to the summer reading events:
• Janice Johnston, for the cookies and bars, they were delicious!
• Sarah Kilgore, for the books for the planters and the birdhouse idea!
• Brenda Roberts, you are an awesome volunteer!
• Chelsi Lawrence, for your support and help!
• The staff of Sparky’s One Stop: Thank you for the pizza and gift cards. Your generosity
went above and beyond!!
• Dustin from the Sierra Movie theater in Jefferson for the free movie passes!
• Shopko management, for a $50 donation for prizes

The grand prize children’s winner was Taylor Lawrence, winning a $10 Sparky’s gift card and a free movie pass along with other prizes. One grand prize teen winner won a $20 Visa gift card, along with other prizes. Prizes included Barbies, Nerf products, footballs, a soccer ball, Frisbees, and various other fun prizes.
I cannot begin to express the gratitude and the appreciation that I have for the donations and the passion from the community, for our library and the kids, to make this summer’s reading program themed “Build A Better World” a tremendous SUCCESS!! ~Shawneene Kenan, director of Rippey library.
Check out our summer reading pictures on the Rippey library’s Facebook page.

Hanaman reunion – Dale and Nancy Hanaman hosted the annual family reunion with family from near and far. Those gathering for the event included Alex Bardole, Clarkston, GA; John and Dena Bardole, Des Moines; Scott and Maddie Bardole, Granger; Shelly and Randy Prati, Urbandale and their grandchildren Elle, Caroline and Oliver from Ankeny; Sharon and Phil McBlain, Hamden, CT; Kristina Beckley, Claire and Anne, Carlisle, MA; Sarah and Benji Pearson, Steven, Elizabeth and Andrea, Superior, WI; Alan Bardole, Wisconsin Rapids, WI; Barbara Lane, Powder Springs, GA; Christiana Fredrick, Cam and Jude, Appleton, WI; David and Jinny McBlain, Evan and Becca McBlain and family, NE; John and Barb McBlain, Lauren and Scott, Chicago, IL; Shannon and Jason Foley, Des Moines; Dick and Jo Bardole and Rachel Sacco, Rippey.

Sarah Pearson and Elizabeth and Andrea will remain in the Hanaman home to visit for the rest of the week. Sharon and Phil McBlain, Kristina Beckley, Claire and Anne enjoyed a day with the Hanamans and Pearsons at the State Fair before returning to their homes.

Arizona visit – Jean Borgeson arrived home Monday, Aug. 7, from a nine-week visit in the home of Blake and Linda Hampton, Sierra, Jayden and Sophia. Summer child care was the objective of this trip. It was a great opportunity for the kids to get to know their grandma and vice-versa. The world of a 6-year old to-be and twins, who will be 4 in October, is stimulating, to say the least! Looking back, given my age, I think I managed to separate my urge to “spoil” from my version of discipline. As they were learning their patience skills, I was re-learning mine!

One highlight was helping Sierra learn a song for the Bible school musical, “All About the Call.” It was a fun watching her and another little girl sing their parts into the microphone. The theme was based on kids going to camp and the counselor only had a flip phone. He didn’t understand the iPhone terms, such as ringtone, Facebook, Google, etc. The song Sierra and her friend sang was called, “Listen,” which was appropriate, since the summer was spent honing listening skills in their household. Oh, it’s so hard to wait for someone else to finish talking so it can be your turn!! (Even Grandma!) The kids did well and yes, they were just as cute as all the kids I worked with over the years, putting on those many musicals at church.

Julie Henderson Davis, a friend of Linda, also attended the musical. Her mother Connie, who was a secretary at East Greene, lives around the corner from the church, so she took the time while visiting her to enjoy the kids, too.

Still, it’s always good to be back in my own space. Thank you to Phil and Toni Roberts for meeting the plane and bringing me home. (Even though they said they were afraid they might not recognize me!)

It’s nice to have the windows open and “hear” the silence, broken sometimes by the cows talking to their calves. The weeds will take well into the fall before they disappear from my landscape! The frost will take care of them, eventually.

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