Volunteers install new Scranton playground

Friday afternoon | GCNO photo

Volunteers in Scranton worked hard last Friday and Saturday so kids there can play hard. More than three dozen local residents gathered to assemble playground equipment at the new Scranton School Memorial Park, located where the former school playground sat for decades.

Fundraising for the $75,000 project began 18 months ago. The city of Scranton provided $18,000, the Greene County Community Foundation provided $27,412, and the Wellmark Foundation’s Community Kickstarter grant program provided $10,000. Community members and businesses also provided financial support.

Pemble Digging and Drainage prepared the site Thursday, excavating and digging holes into which the upright posts were set. On Friday, Scranton Manufacturing sent 10 “volunteers” to help and also provided tools. The company had already made a financial contribution.

The work went very smoothly. “At one point, we were ahead of schedule and waiting on the concrete truck,” explained Julie McAleer, park and rec committee member. “So we ate lunch early.”

Committee members in addition to McAleer are Darlene Taggart, Cindy and Jerry Boyd, Cole Gustoff, Melinda Hinners and Whitney Hoyle. They’re confident the finishing touches will be done soon.

Yet to be done is leveling the play surface with pea gravel, which will be covered with a protective wood fiber. Another volunteer work day will be planned in the near future.

The committee hopes to dedicate the new park Saturday, Aug. 19, Hoyle said.

“It was just great to see everyone working together,” McAleer said. “The committee has worked so hard to make this happen. I can’t thank everyone enough for their assistance.”

“The community hasn’t done a project like this in years. Scranton was in dire need of a new park and it humbles me to see how the community has stepped up, come together, and put something like this up,” Hoyle said. “This was a lot of work but the community of Scranton completed it in two days. We could not have done it without all of our volunteers, donors, and community members. What a great community to live in!”

“This will be so nice for the children when it’s done,” added McAleer. “I can’t wait to see their faces.” ~with the Scranton Journal

End of the day Saturday | Scranton Journal photo
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