State Fair exhibitors, Outstanding fourth graders announced

Judging of 2017 Greene County 4-H static exhibit entries was done Tuesday, July 11, by a variety of judges in the areas of animals; agriculture and natural resources; creative arts; science, engineering, and technology; family and consumer sciences; and personal development. The static exhibit judging event was coordinated by static superintendents Michelle Hardin, Linda Hedges, Shari Minnehan, and Jo Anne Schnebly.

These outstanding exhibits will be at the Iowa State Fair in the 4-H exhibit building.

Results of the 2017 Greene County 4-H static exhibit judging where as follows:

Iowa State Fair Selections: ANIMALS

  • Noble Hoyt- Animal Science, My Lambing Experience Report


  • Arthur Bardole- Horticulture, Pest Away Plants Poster & Write Up


  • Kara Betts- Visual Arts, Oven Baked Clay Bowls
  • Gwen Black- Photography, Spilled Paint Photo
  • Austyn Funcke- Photography, Storm Series
  • Aubrey Heupel- Photography, Baseball Game Photo
  • Lauryn Killion- Photography, Chipmunk Photo
  • Lauryn Killion- Visual Arts, Jewel’s Memory Box
  • Nickolas Killlion- Visual Arts, Charcoal Drawing- Horse
  • Jack Schilling- Visual Arts, Sci-Fi Helmet
  • Gavin VanderLinden- Photography, Courthouse Rotunda Photo


  • Hannah Curtis- Science, Engineering & Technology, Looking at a Galaxy Far, Far Away (Homemade Refracting Telescope)
  • Jacob Thompson- Mechanics, Foundry Key
  • Jacob Thompson- Science, Engineering & Technology, Craft Deere Custom Lawn Tractor


  • Bailey Anderson- Child Development, Felt Popsicle Color Matching Game
  • Arthur Bardole- Home Improvement, Succulent Garden Base
  • Avery Bardole- Food & Nutrition, Homemade Granola Bars
  • Chloe Berns- Food & Nutrition, Dinner Rolls
  • Kara Betts- Home Improvement, Organized Task Board
  • Grace Curtis- Child Development, Take Along Site
  • Hannah Curtis- Sewing & Needle Arts, Blue Chai’s Butterfly Quilt
  • Hannah Curtis- Home Improvement, Pom Pom Rug
  • Emily Finch- Home Improvement, Bench Made From Old Chairs
  • Ashlyn Frederick- Food & Nutrition, Italian Cream Cake
  • Samantha Hardaway- Home Improvement, Softball Planter
  • Emily Heupel- Sewing & Needle Arts, Sewn Boys Flannel Pajamas
  • Katrina Heupel- Food & Nutrition, Classic Scones
  • Natalie Heupel- Clothing & Fashion, Constructed Dress
  • Ilse Hooper- Sewing & Needle Arts, Teal Dress
  • Emma Larson- Food & Nutrition, Gluten Free Lemon Pound Cake
  • Kara Reed- Sewing & Needle Arts, Stair Step Quilt
  • Gavin Scheuermann- Food & Nutrition, Country Cornbread
  • Amie Schroeder- Health, “How Much Sugar?” Poster


  • Arthur Bardole- Leadership, It Gets Better Poster
  • Emily Heupel- Leadership, 2016/2017 Iowa State 4-H Council
  • Jack Schilling- Digital Storytelling, Promotional Video

    Greene County 4-H members who will have exhibits at the State Fair include (front, from left) Bailey Anderson, Emma Larson, Katrina Heupel, Natalie heupel, Gavin Scheuermann and Noble Hoyt; (middle, from left) Samantha Hardaway, Ashlyn Frederick, Gwen Black, Emily Heupel, Kara Betts, Grace Curtis and Hannah Curtis; and (back, from left) Emily Finch, Lauryn Killion, Ilse Hooper, Aubrey Heupel, Arthur Bardole, Jacob Thompson and Jack Schilling. Not pictured are Avery Bardole, Chloe Berns, Austyn Funcke, Nickolas Fillion, Kara Reed, Amie Schroeder and Gavin VanderLinden.

Outstanding 4th Grade Exhibits:

  • Ely Booth- Family Consumer Sciences, Trivet
  • Braeden Turner- Woodworking, Bench Write Up
  • Elise Badger- Family Consumer Sciences, Homemade Dog Treats
  • Kayla Frederick- Family Consumer Sciences, Magic Trivet
  • Kayla Frederick- Science, Engineering & Technology- Refinished Coffee Table
  • Leah Hill- Animal Science, How to Read Your Horse Poster
  • Taylor Kaufman- Food & Nutrition, Rice Krispy Cones
  • Violet Reedy- Family Consumer Sciences, Banana Brownies

    Outstanding fourth grade exhibitors are (front, from left) Ely Booth and Braeden Turner; and (back, from left) Elise Badger, Kayla Frederick, Violet Reedy and Taylor Kaufman. Not pictured is Leah Hill.
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