New Opportunities training retailers in best practices selling alcohol

A driver is pulled over for swerving and fails a road-side sobriety test. His blood alcohol level is .187- well over the legal driving limit. Where did he have his last drink? Was he last served at a local drinking establishment? If so, he was overserved because the server missed signs of intoxication.

A cashier loses her job because she sold to an underage person. The person handed the cashier an ID, she scanned it, but did not take the time to look at the ID to confirm the picture matched the person. The business is already short-staffed and losing her puts a strain on everyone else. In addition, the now unemployed cashier faces a large fine, as does the business.

In the next few weeks, New Opportunities prevention consultants will cover a five-county area performing Responsible Beverage Seller Training for all on- and off-premise alcohol retailers. This training will provide retailers with the best practice for selling alcoholic beverages responsibly. In addition, these practices are best for events in which the liquor license is temporary, such as county fairs, festivals, and outdoor concerts.

Best practice tips:

  • Remember you have the responsibility to refuse a sale to someone underage. Be sure to check all IDs. Don’t rely solely on the ID scanners- look at the ID as well to ensure the ID picture matches the person standing in front of you. If in doubt, refuse the sale.
  • You have the responsibility to retain false IDs and turn them in to law enforcement.
  • You have the responsibility to refuse a sale to someone who is or appears to be intoxicated. New Opportunities provides TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) to help retailers know the signs of intoxication and how to effectively handle the situation without losing a customer. Call New Opportunities’ Prevention Department at 712-792-9266 to inquire about the TIPS training.
  • Remember that licensees who sell or serve alcohol to an intoxicated or underage person are liable to criminal penalties as well as administrative proceedings for suspension or having their license revoked.

As temperatures go up, so do alcoholic beverage sales. Let’s all work together to protect our businesses, employees, customers, and road travelers,” said Christy Jenkins, New Opportunities prevention director.

New Opportunities Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Departments offer information, education, and consultation services to schools, businesses, and community based groups, many of which are free of charge. Persons who are interested in learning more about this or other substance abuse topics can contact Jenkins at cjenkins [at] newopp [dot] org or call 712-792-9266. ~written by Angie Baack, New Opportunities prevention consultant

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