Third rooftop art installed

Public involved to celebrate new art, new piano at June 2 Party in the Alley

The Tower View Team has done it again – the third rooftop art, Patches of Greene – has been installed, but this time it was done by the committee members themselves. This group of volunteers decided to tackle the newest rooftop art installation with all aspects of the work planned, painted and installed all by themselves with the help of a few spouses and family members.

Initially, the members discussed the reuse of the barn quilts on the rooftop, but those were not available. Shelly Berger, a member of the Tower View Team, researched the idea to actually paint quilt designs, so the idea blossomed from there. After the success of the simplicity of the ”Wild Woman on the Roof” painted by local artist Nicole Bennett-Tuel, Berger researched simple patterns that would stand out on the rooftop in bright colors. The design and simple geometric shapes seemed a perfect project to undertake. The quilt designs would be painted on sheets of aluminum and adhered to the rooftop.

The committee chose four designs honoring Jefferson and Greene County – Railroad Crossing to celebrate how goods and people arrived to the county; Card Trick to celebrate the newest entertainment venue, Wild Rose Jefferson; Antique Tile to celebrate our National Historic Downtown and historical interests in the county; and Whirling Windmill to celebrate the new use of wind power found throughout Greene County.

The Tower View Team applied for funds from Greene County Community Foundation and was awarded a grant in March. Immediately, the committee purchased the 4 X 8 ft. sheets of aluminum from Ogren Graphics and began the process of measuring and blocking off the quilt designs. The Greene County Historical Museum was offered as a space to work on this project with Tower View Team members Berger, Roger Aegerter, Dianne Piepel, Lynda Cochran, Debra McGinn, Amy Roberts, Neva Arp, Jean Van Gilder and Kay Magill painting each quilt design with many coats.

A calm day was needed to move these large sheets to the rooftop of the former Homestead Coffee. This group of volunteers was assisted by Bill Berger, Marc McGinn and Andy McGinn as they adhered the panels to the roof in the pattern decided upon. Four large squares were painted directly on the roof with the bright colors, and black was painted in the center. The group kept checking out its work from the observation deck of the Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower as it progressed and loved how the colors “popped off” the rooftop.

The Tower View Team was able to complete its third rooftop art installation from start to finish and now is excited about the possibilities of creating more. This group plans to celebrate this achievement at the Party in the Alley on June 2 from 5 to 7 pm by giving each attendee a button with one of the quilt square designs. TVT wants to encourage visitors to view the work of art from the top of the tower.

The public is invited to the Party in the Alley where another public art painted piano will be unveiled as well. Tower View Team member Kay Magill has been working on the piano entitled “Tuned In” throughout the winter and spring. She is honoring fellow photographer Kathy Hankel with this piano project even though she never personally knew her. Magill is a photographer and appreciates all of the creativity that Hankel brought to the Tower View Team in her years as a member.

The Tower View Team is a committee of Jefferson Matters: Main Street and invites those interested in creating public art in the downtown to join them. TVT: Wait ‘Til You See!

Pictures of this process can be viewed at the website –

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