‘The Rope Warrior’ performs in Greene County

David Fisher in Churdan

More 500 persons enjoyed the performances of David Fisher, who was brought to Greene County by the Greene County libraries. Fisher entertained the audience as he executed many rope stunts, jumps, and a spectacular rope light show.

Fisher gave six performances in Greene County; shows in Grand Junction, Paton, and Scranton on May 15 and in Churdan, Jefferson, and Rippey on May 16. It was all made possible by a Communities 4 Children and Community Partnerships for Protecting Children neighborhood/Community Network Mini Grant that the Greene County libraries received.

Many individuals from the audience were invited to perform with Fisher.

Fisher is a professional athlete and author from Indiana who performs all over the country showing how easy and fun it can be to keep physically fit with a jump rope routine. He emphasizes that jumping rope is one of the best cardiovascular workouts. He has been featured on numerous television shows and holds the Guiness Book of World Records for jumping rope. He stressed the importance of teamwork, overcoming the fear of failure, and putting creativity and fun into fitness.

Each library in the county also received funding to purchase some jump ropes, books, and CDs about jumping rope to use as prizes and to be added to each library. “We’ve noticed a lot of jump roping going on around the county since our presenter was here,” said a library spokesperson.

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