Eagles at home in Greene County

Eagles’ nests are plentiful in Greene County, according to conservation director Dan Towers.

Twelve or 15 years ago when the first nesting pair made their home near the Brown Bridge access in Cedar Township, the location was a closely guarded secret. Now, Towers freely names seven locations of eagles’ nests.

For those who want to take a tour of (eagles’) homes, the locations are:

  • Dunbar Slough in Willow Township-near the main boat ramp
  • Brown Bridge access – one-quarter mile west of river bridge
  • Three miles southeast of Churdan on Hardin Creed
  • One-half mile upstream from railroad bridge west of Jefferson
  • Jefferson Community Golf Course
  • One-half mile west of County Road P-30 near Squirrel Hollow
  • Raccoon River on the Dallas County line

“It’s used to be unusual to see eagles. Now you see them a lot more often. That’s pretty good considering they were endangered,” Towers said.


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