JPRD holds Live Healthy Iowa track & field meet

The Jefferson parks and recreation department hosted a local Live Healthy Iowa track and field meet last Thursday for children ages 5-14. The meet was held at Linduska Field at Greene County High School and was the culmination of JPRD’s mini track program.

JRPD assistant director Sean Ostendorf provided the following first place winners – boys and girls – in each competition.

Ages 5-6, softball throw, Murphy Schwander, Jaelynn Hedges; long jump, Rylan Hostetler, Jaelynn Hedges; 50 meter run, Rylan Hostetler, Jaelynn Hedges; and 100 meters, Rylan Hostetler.

Children ages 7 and older qualified for the state Live Healthy Iowa meet.

Ages 7-8, softball throw, Lincoln Schwander, Abby Brase; long jump, Jadyn Weber, Abby Brase; 50 meter, Chase Fecher, Abby Brase; 100 meter, Lincoln Schwander, Emmalin Wright; and 200 meter, Lincoln Schwander.

Ages 9-10, softball throw, Maddox Carstensen, Becca Anderson; long jump, Nick Madsen, Addison Gannon; 50 meter, Eli Carstensen; 100 meter, Nick Madsen, Becca Anderson; 200 meter, Nick Madsen, Addison Gannon; and 400 meter, Becca Anderson.

Ages 11-12, softball throw, Emma Hoyle; long jump, Jack Hansen, Chanlyn Cunningham; 100 meter, Jack Hansen, Bailley Anderson; and 200 meter, Jack Hansen, Chanlyn Cunningham.

Ages 13-14, long jump, Shane Carlson, Bella Schroeder; 100 meter, Shane Carlson, Bella Schroeder; and  4 X 100 relay, Bella Schroeder, Emma Hoyle, Alexa Peters, Olivia Shannon.

Winners in the local Live Healthy Iowa meet  | JPRD photo
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