The dome is done!

GCNO photo

Work on the large stained glass dome at the courthouse was completed Monday. The panels were lowered into place using the high tech tools of a 2 X 4 and zip ties.

Craftsman Edin Hosic (pictured) explained that the lead used in 2017 is more flexible than what was used in 1916. He showed how notches were cut out of the panels in the rehab to allow for the bolts in the frame, making them much easier to place.

He pointed out the three panels that are darker than the other 13, and explained that when rehabilitating a historic structure, it’s important to leave it the way it was first made.

He also explained why the dome needed to be repaired. The solder holding the leaded pieces to the horizontal ribs was failing, allowing the panels to bow downward, creating a risk they could eventually fall to the rotunda floor, three floors below.

The restoration should last at least another 100 years, Hosic said.

GCNO, April 11, 2017

Hosic works for The Stained Glass Store. He will soon become owner of the business after the retirement of Marty Grund.


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