STEM-to-Go kits make science fun anywhere

STEM-to-Go kits are easy, educational activity kits available now through Greene County Extension. This free resource is perfect for 4-H members, individuals, classrooms, homeschoolers, and community groups. Kayla Hyett, Youth & 4-H coordinator, has six kits ready for use.

Balloon Hovercraft explores Newton’s Third Law of Motion – “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” – by building a hovercraft. Learn how to make different bubble solution with Bubble-ology, creating wands out of various items and discovering how to make the best bubbles. DNA Extraction explores the process using strawberries. Learn what different feeds weigh and how to balance what livestock is fed with Exploring Weight on the Farm. GloGerm provides four lessons on germs, how disease spreads, and proper handwashing. Use your engineering skills to build the tallest Marshmallow Tower with limited resources.
For more information on the kits, please contact Kayla Hyett at 515-386-2138, email her at khyett [at] iastate [dot] edu, or stop by the Extension office at 104 West Washington in Jefferson.

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