Scranton city council to appoint to fill vacancy

John Esdohr has tendered his resignation from the Scranton city council. Esdohr was appointed last year to fill a vacancy but told city officials he has other projects that warrant his attention and does not have the time to do the council position justice.

The Scranton city council met twice last week to handle city business. On Feb. 16, a special meeting was called at which the council decided to appoint someone to fill the vacant seat. Anyone interested in joining the council should submit a letter to city hall prior to the next regular meeting of the council on Tuesday, March 14.

The person appointed will serve until the November election. The remaining two years of the seat will be on the ballot with someone elected to fill the vacancy.

Also at the special meeting, the council voted unanimously to change the status of Zach Sukovaty to fulltime, 40 hours per week.

A public hearing was held at the Tuesday meeting of the council regarding a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and a low-interest loan from the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) for improvements to the wastewater treatment system. The need for the project was identified in an October 2016 facility plan. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is requiring that the project be completed so the city will be in compliance with the new effluent ammonia limits in its NPDES permit.

The project will include the conversion of the existing aerated lagoon to an enhanced aerated lagoon with the addition of a SAGR system and additional UV disinfection for new e-coli limits. Four other alternatives were considered but this method was determined to be the most cost effective.

The estimated cost of the project is $2,157,133. By April 1, the city will apply for a $300,000 CDBG. If approved, at least $204,000 will benefit low and moderate income households in Scranton. With grant funds, the average monthly household sewer charge will increase about $33. Without the grant, the increase is estimated at $38 per month.

The city has applied for a two percent loan through the IFA for the full cost of the project. The work is expected to begin July 1, 2018, and be completed by Oct. 1, 2019.

Another public hearing was held on the proposed zoning ordinances. It was approved and Ordinance No. 212 is published in The Scranton Journal this week. A budget amendment for the 2016/17 budget was also okayed.

Approval was given to hire Dave Gliem as water and sewer affidavit operator at a cost of $800 per month. Jim Jones resigned about a month ago. The council approved the engineering services agreement for wastewater treatment facility improvements at a cost of $243,500 ($124,800 for design and $118,700 for construction.)

Whitney Hoyle was appointed to the park and rec committee by mayor Randy Winkelman. Chantel Kirk gave the monthly library report. Chad Kirk provided the public works report. Dawn Rudolph presented the community center report.

The council set Tuesday, March 14, at 6 pm as the public hearing for the 2017/18 budget.  ~The Scranton Journal

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