Clouse warns public of bogus traffic stop

Jefferson police chief Mark Clouse reminds the public of steps to take during a questionable traffic stop after a bogus stop was reported Tuesday evening.

According to the JPD’s daily report for Jan. 3, Josh Thompson reported being stopped by an unmarked sedan police vehicle in the 300 block of N. Locust St at 9:05 pm. The vehicle had a working spotlight and red/blue grille lights. A male dressed in black and wearing a police badge on a lanyard approached Thompson’s vehicle, claiming the registration plate light wasn’t working. He took Thompson’s driver’s license to his vehicle and returned it.

Thompson thought the stop was strange and reported it to the JPD.

According to Clouse, neither the JPD nor the Greene County sheriff’s office has an unmarked vehicle matching the description. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle. The JPD is investigating the event.

Clouse reminds the public that drivers can pull over in a well-lit area while being stopped. If something seems out of the ordinary with the stop, or if the authenticity of the officer is questionable, call 9-1-1. Advise the dispatcher of your location with the officer. The dispatcher can verify if a bona fide officer is at the location or send officers there.

Any law enforcement officer should identify himself and his department immediately upon contact. If requested, they should give a badge number and the name of the authority they represent.


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