Got mice? APE can help

West central Iowa farmers with mouse problems and Animal Protection and Education (A.P.E.) director Linn Price can help each other.

A.P.E. has been asked to relocate 100 barn cats and another 30 house cats since the death of their Warren County owner last weekend. According to Price, the request came from the Animal Rescue League of Des Moines. The animals have shelter in the barn and temporarily are being fed and provided water by a neighbor.

Price said A.P.E. generally does not charge an adoption fee but does ask for a donation to help cover the cost of vetting the cats in instances like this. Cost to spay/neuter a cat, test for disease and vaccinate is $50. At this time, neither A.P.E. nor the ARL have funding for this large of a project.

As funding becomes available, either from farmers looking to control a mouse problem or from other donors, Price will take A.P.E.’s mobile vet lab to Warren County to begin altering the cats.

Price has long been an advocate for spay/neuter of outside animals. A male cat will go as far as 20 miles to mate, she said. Neutered cats wander less and will stay on the farm, and because cats become territorial, a colony that has been altered will keep newcomers away.

Farmers who would like cats for their farm and anyone who would like to make a donation to the project can contact Price at 515-460-7729 or email united4ape [at] gmail [dot] com


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