Letter to the editor – John Thompson

To the editor,

On Sunday Republicans lost the best Democratic National Chair they’ve ever had. Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced she would step down after leaked emails revealed the supposed-neutral party committee was backing Hillary Clinton ahead of the Democratic nomination. The disgraced chair immediately took a job with the Clinton campaign.

The Philadelphia convention opened up to heckling and boos as politicos, including the shunned runner-up, Bernie Sanders, announced their support for the most establishment politician to ever run for president.

After the first day of the convention nobody said the word “terrorism.”  The word “hate” was reserved for Donald Trump instead of Islamic Jihadists. And Bernie Sanders asked the crowd if they were better off than they were 7 1/2 years ago when Obama took office. He mentioned the economic downturn caused by Bill Clinton’s repeal of the Glass-Steagall act which encouraged predatory loans destined for foreclosure.  He talked about wealth inequality due to corporate cronyism ironically insinuating that Wall Street’s Senator would be the answer.

Hillary Clinton has been on both sides of every issue progressives care about. She has abandoned labor groups for kooky environmentalists (unless it was more expedient to abandon the environment). She stood side-by-side with Bill Clinton on union destroying NAFTA. She wavered on the TPP agreement until she realized it gave Bernie an advantage and then pretended to reject it.

After she wrapped up the delegates she picked a pro-TPP vice presidential candidate. She was against gay marriage until the political climate turned. She voted for the Iraq war. She was against illegal immigration until she decided that it was a term she could coin as “racist” and pin on her opponent.  Her statements and emotions are so scripted that last month she literally read the word “sigh” from a TelePrompTer instead of exhaling.

She narrowly escaped prosecution by the Obama administration but the FBI laid out the in-depth ways in which the former Secretary of State had lied about her mishandling of her unsanctioned email server.  In interviews after the release of the investigation she immediately began to lie about what the FBI director had just said.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about issues. She doesn’t care about integrity or character. She has no goals for the nation. After the DNC chair left in shame for corruption Hillary offered her a job; she will fit right in.  When you compile all this don’t you wonder why she wants to lead the free world? The answer is that the office is the goal. She doesn’t want to move the nation towards progress. She just wants to be president.

Donald Trump opposes trade deals that ruin American jobs.  He opposed the Iraq war when Clinton and Bush were for it. Nobody would accuse him of reciting focus-grouped half truth’s from a TelePrompTer.  His lack of filter regularly earns him scrutiny but it’s also the first time in modern history people can see a presidential candidate being genuine. His message is simple. Let’s create jobs and fix the economy.  Let’s secure our borders from those that would undercut the cost of labor or do us harm.  Let’s fix our military without getting them entangled in unnecessary wars.  His goal is simple; Make America Great Again!

–John Thompson,  Jefferson

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